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    At the risk of being Deekeresque at the mere mention of a DL sighting I am going to pass this along anyway - only because it was pretty funny,

    I was at the grocery store the other day and on the other end of the baby aisle when I noticed a family of four at the Goodnites. The mom and dad appeared to be in their early 30's and there were two boys with them in one of those "race car" shopping carts that appeared to be about 3 and 6. The mom was buying a pack of XLG Girl's Goodnites and the boys in the shopping cart were shouting playfully "Mommy's diapers, Mommy's diapers!" I don't know for sure that the GN's were for her or not, but they didn't have a girl with them and didn't look at all put off that the boys were shouting this.

    I thought it was funny more than anything else and thought I would share so you could enjoy as well.

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    LOL, she probably just had bedwetting issues, but she could have been!

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    Haha... that is funny. Maybe the mom was wearing them. Sometimes moms do... to be protected from incontinence accidents.

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    Given gynecology is just a hobby of mine but I believe its true that most women experience some form of slight incontinence after child birth.

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    Yes, I can attest that some women have urinary problems after child birth.


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    Yeah probably just slight urge incontinence. Still funny. XD

    It reminds me of this ABDL couple I'm good friends with online. They have an 18 mo son, and the mom still wears diapers around him (she won't after he's old enough to know whats going on)... but they say he is like amazed by her diapers. He'll reach up and pat her butt and touch it and stuff and squeal, hehe.

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