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Thread: Tips on messing?

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    Cool Tips on messing?

    For those of you who enjoy messing your diapers, does anyone have any tips or tricks that are good to know when messing a diaper? I don't usually mess my diaper because I don't like cleaning up but I LOVE the feeling. When I do feel like messing a diaper, which is not very often but I still do, what helps me with messing myself, since I've been potty trained since I was a kid, is going into the bathroom, sitting on the potty like I would if I was pooping in the potty but with a diaper on and just act like I don't have a diaper on and I start pushing and fill my diaper. But once I start messing I can only fit a certain amount in the diaper (I wear goodnites) before I can't push anymore out but there is still room for more just not by my butt. One time this happened then I finished the rest in the potty then wiped it out with A LOT of toilet paper and dropped it in my diaper so I can be even more messy. If anyone has any tips or advice or anything just please let me know.

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    Chillax, do something you enjoy that takes almost your entire focus, so you're not too selfconcious to go, find a position that allows gravity to work, so the poop doesn't touch your skin, like squatting, or tall knee, and make sure your pull-up's not too tight. Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency are supposed to be pretty darn close to Goodnites, according to other threads. There're flowers on them though.
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    +1 for squatting or some other similar position. Sitting down, you're not really giving yourself much room which is the biggest part of the problem there.

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    You could also try the oatmeal trick - easy cleanup and awesome feeling

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    When I mess I normally do so standing no pressure on my diaper so I can actually get the full amount of poop in the diaper.

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