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Thread: How long does it take to put on your Diaper?

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    Default How long does it take to put on your Diaper?

    Just wondering how long it takes members of our IC/AB/DL community to put on their tape-up style diaper? That is after the previous diaper has been taken off and any required clean-up has been completed. It takes me about four or five minutes to get a new diaper taped up and adjusted to my liking. Seems like a long time but I'm probably a little picky about how snug the diaper is and how well the wings/tapes are arranged. BTW...I always put my diaper on standing against a wall and always tape the tops first. You might want to note if you think the way you tape up matters.
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    I lie down and tape the bottom first. Whether I do it or my wife does it takes no more than 30 seconds. Lots of practice and not too picky I guess!!!

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    Less than two minutes. If it isn't snug enough, I can usually be on my feet by then and make the necessary adjustments.

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    Depends where I am. At home 5 mins, if somewhere like a small public toilet it can take almost 10 at worst

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    Usually 5-10, it depends on if I'm doubling up or not (which I usually do since I really only buy depends)

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    If it's a molicare super plus under a minute, if it's a different diaper I've used before ~2, if it's a diaper I've never used before I'll take 5-10 to adjust and learn how to change how it sits.

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    Roughly take around 2 minutes tops for me. Seems to be the running average for this

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    Yeah 2-3 mins for me - though if the tapes are dodgy a bit longer as I have to try and re stick them so the diaper stays put

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    It takes me a little less than 5 minutes. I am rather picky though.

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