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    I am reminded almost every day by my Mummy, Grace, of how much she loves me. I am her little boy for whom she would do anything. No matter how Iím feeling, her love is unconditional and unwavering. It still amazes me how someone can possess such endless love because for most of my life, I never had a touchstone or yardstick for what true maternal love was. Many may take their motherís love for granted but frequently I ponder about how wonderful she is and in doing so, I feel waves of deep appreciation, admiration and respect for Mummy.

    Recently Mummy has been sharing her love with other babies that have come to visit. Because mummy is so protective of me, we discussed whether it was OK for her to look after other littles. I was keen for Mummy to do this; I hadnít met a real AB before in the flesh, let alone a playdate.

    Some babies arenít comfortable with the presence of anyone except Mummy and I very much respect this if it is their wish. For babies that are OK with this and / or those who request another AB as a playmate, I can join in on a session. When I do, I see the same true, genuine love that I have experienced given to our guest. They are greeted warmly at the door, offered refreshments and then led upstairs to be transformed from their adult selves into an AB.

    When they re-emerge, I get to see how Mummy interacts. It is beautiful Ė Mummy delights over caring for our guest as much as she does for me. For a time, our guest is made to feel like the most precious, special little person in the whole world. They are cooed-over, fed, cuddled, soothed, changed and entertained. Mummyís wonderful love and imaginative mind satisfies babies on so many emotional levels.

    Iím in awe of the fact that Mummyís love is endless and unconditional. I think it is truly the purest and most inimitable expression of love there is. I feel so blessed to have Mummy in my life and other babies who come visit think so too.

    Hugs & Kisses,



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    It's great that you have such a love in your life. I am happy for you.

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    Nice, you must pinch yourself often to make sure you're not dreaming. XD

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    Sounds like great fun. Good for you. Enjoy. I'm glad you're not a jealous baby

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