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Thread: Height and diaper play

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    Default Height and diaper play

    Hi i was wondering what your guys height is and how it relates to your diaper play?

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    I'm about 5', 8" but it doesn't seem to relate to my diaper play. What relates most with that is wearing a diaper. Once diapered, I'm regressing.

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    6'2" here, and I have to say it's a real bummer. It takes a lot of effort for me to feel "little".

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    My first thinking was "Height & Diaper Play" must have something to do with what the AB is wearing relative to diapers !
    OK not quite that simple or straight forward.
    Being SMALL well that is a tough one when one is already LARGE (very LARGE for a little small one) !
    So my thoughts were if one were wearing (SISSY) baby like clothing it is going to be way too SMALL on a scale fit for an adult.
    Thus the very short dress or skirt like garment is going to reveal just about as much as would be seen by a baby of size.
    Oooh this gets interesting - "Lions Tigers and Bears" a very short dress revealing diapers plastic diaper covering with perhaps
    loads of frilly ruffles and then petticoats to expose more than ever the gear worn beneath and the COLOR well absolutely baby
    PINK or blazing pastels in bright NEON colors so no mistake is made that that is what it is a fully dressed adult in scaled baby
    size clothing - how wonderful and exciting !
    Adding more to the theme mary jane shoes and frilly ankle sox and the rhinestone neck collar with attached can't lose pacifier !
    If the adult in one prone to undoing a well orchestrated outfit perhaps a LOCKING diaper cover with a great big padlock that
    is quite visible to all that diaper security is BIG business - finally adding pink thumbless mittens* so that buttons stay buttoned
    and zippers stay zipped !
    * Neat feature would be to have the mittens sewn to the hem of the very short dress so that any arm/hand movement raises
    the hem revealing to the world the great big baby in all his infantile detail !

    Sorry you must be this tall to wear and post here ! LOL !

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    Well I'm about 6'4 so just a little bit on the big side! For me personally my physical stature has contributed towards my abdl side and made it easier in some ways. I have always felt that people expect certain things or have preconceived notions when they see someone of my height and build. this is one of the reasons why regressing to a baby boy holds so much appeal for me. It helps me escape some of expectations that I feel are placed on me as a big bloke.

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    I'm 6'0 but it doesn't affect my regression at all. To me regression deals more with, as dogboy said, the diaper itself. The supplemental pieces to that are the pacis, bottles, onesie, etc. I tend not to put much, if any, emphasis on my size, voice, etc.

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    I used the google converter and I'm 5'7 so I guess I'm the shortest so far in thread hehe. It has no effect I guess because I'm not what is considered a small person, I would say that at 1,75 meters I have exactly a medium size height for my country which is in south of europe where on average people are smaller compared to northern european countries.

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    I'm 6'3, 107kgs, built like a tank, and covered in tattoos, so yeah, it does take some suspension of belief. When I'm playing as little me, I like to wear just briefs, a t shirt, white ankle socks, or of course a diaper. The problem is that if I'm going to be naughty and have an accident, I like to watch it happen in the mirror, and as I look how I do, it can be a real mood killer. I find that if I make no eye contact with myself in the mirror, then I'm fine. I can concentrate on how "cute" (ahem) I look, just by concentrating on my clothing or nappy.

    I've had instances before where I've been alone in the house, and enjoying my playtime, maybe running around in wet pants, and I've caught a glimpse of myself in a hallway mirror or something, and I suddenly just feel ridiculous. So it's a careful balancing act for me. Use the mirrors to watch the effects of wetting or diapers and clothing, BUT AT NO STAGE EVER LOOK AT THE HEAD! Lol

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    I'm 6'1" 245 pounds with facial hair, so I'm big and "manly". Generally though, when I'm regressing, it's when I'm going to bed and the lights are off and I can't see myself anyway. However, there have been a few times when I've had the house to myself that I've been able to regressing during the day, and just like Wombat, I feel ridiculous when I catch a glimpses of myself in the mirror.
    So size plays a part in it, kinda.

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    I'm 5'5" and weigh a whole whopping 98 lbs. My size doesn't really affect "little play" because all I want to do when acting little is play. I don't care what I look like.

    It is a little disconcerting to see myself in a mirror and suddenly 'snap to' for some reason though.

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