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Thread: 16 or 17 year old put in a hospital crib....

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    Default 16 or 17 year old put in a hospital crib....

    Hello All,

    I was surfing the net last night and came across a interesting video. Had I not seen it with my own eyes I probably wouldn't have believed it. It was a video a 16 or 17 year old was taking with his cell phone of him in a hospital crib at the ER. I hadn't seen the guys face at first so I thought, well maybe he's like 5 or something. Nope. He was 17! He went to the ER and because he was under 18 he was in pediatrics room. Well they had him in a hospital baby crib with the rail up. He was like "and why the fuck am I am in a crib!". Then he's all "waaaa waaa, I need my diaper changed". LOL. It was so funny.

    But the bad part of the video was he was there for a bad anxiety attack. Someone had almost killed him with a knife and he was freaking out realizing he had almost died which is why he was at the ER to treat the anxiety attack. But even if the crib was all they had left for a bed, have him sit in it, but leave the rail down. He's not a baby and doesn't need the rail up. And then I was laughing because the nurse comes in and can't figure out how to put the rail down. She's like "I don't know how to get you out". LOL. But she finally got it and he was moved to a actual hospital bed to the room next door and then the video stops. But yea, I was laughing so hard at someone his age in a crib, and his reaction to it by acting like a baby. I wish I could have been in a crib when I was 16/17. That would have been SO cool being a TB and all back then. Anyway, here's the video

    -Baby Stanley

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    I was just watching this video and it got me thinking about how I feel almost all the time. The difference with me would be if you looked at me (with your own physical eyes as if in person) I would show next to no signs of stress. The only indicator would be mild irritation in my body language because I actually control my emotions so well that I usually show no physical signs of that level of frustration (except maybe increased heart rate and blood pressure). I only recently had enough therapy to explain this due to issues with me having Asperger's as well as other aggravating factors. That being said I refuse to let this thread go off topic anyways so I mention this once so others can see where I'm coming from and why I appear to be "zealous".

    I don't find this amusing but I'm alright with you finding this funny and I can still add to this conversation anyways in a mature fashion. Essentially I find my emotional response to this as only a mild curiosity but not with any negativity either. So what was the part that was most humorous to you actually? I suspect your past has something to do with this but I don't like to make assumptions like that and I'm not above asking politely to satisfy my inquisitiveness either.

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    A bit inappropriate for a non-ab/dl teen in crisis to be put into a crib.

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    Yeah, I was wondering if he was put in there because he was having some mental problems. Maybe they were afraid he was going to hurt himself and they just wanted to contain and observe for awhile. Of course, one could hurt themselves in a crib with metal bars, so I'm not sure.

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    Hi Accepted,

    Yea, I can relate. I learned how to control my outward emotions when I was young because they were often used against me. If I cried or was upset at something done to me, people knew it hurt or bothered me and soon used it more and more knowing it got to me. So I can relate to people not being able to see I may be upset or bothered by just looking at me. A good example was 2 years ago. I was going through a bipolar episode and my mom had thought I was totally fine. She's was like "you were smiling and all when you left, I had no idea you were upset". That's the point. Anyway, I had gone to see my therapist that day who I did tell what was going on and was admitted to the hospital for being suicidal. So yea, I can understand what you mean.

    About the video, it really didn't have anything to do with my past per se. I saw the preview picture and title when I was looking for AB video's on youtube and saw that one. I didn't find his anxiety attack funny at all, I have been there. But what I did find funny was the fact someone his age was in a hospital crib instead of a bed. And even if they were out of regular beds, fine, have him sit on the bed, but why put the rail up?

    I fantasized as a teen about some how ending up in a crib for some reason, or other baby furniture. I had the chance once when I was 14 to sit in a car seat on the school bus to ride home but chickened out. She was helping out for our regular bus driver who was out sick. This driver normally took day care kids home so the short bus was full of car seats accept for 4 spots for the 4 of us who was being taken home. So what happened was I was wanting to talk to my friend sitting next to him but there was only a car seat there. It was plenty big enough for me as I was VERY skinny back then (hard to believe). But I totally chickened out and sat in the empty regular seat and caught up with my friend the next day.

    So basically I thought it was funny someone his age was in a crib. But also found funny that he made a joke about the situation by acting like a baby for a second by sayin "waaaaa waaaaa, I need my diaper changed". But it was clear to see he didn't like being in it when he kicks the rail and yells "and why the f*** am in a crib!". I busted up laughing when he was acting like a baby. But yea, that was all I found funny, his comment and him being in the crib instead of a regular bed.

    -Baby Stanley

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    Ouch. I was confused when I first saw the thread as it felt like a guy being put in a crib against his will, that seems like something that only happens in ABDL fiction, so I was surprised to see that a teen really was put into a crib. I'm wondering why they didn't just put him in the cot they put him in at the end of the video. I know some people wondered if his mental condition is a reason, but I don't think that it's a standard procedure to put people like that in a crib for their safety. Or at least if it is, then I'm unfamiliar with it.

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    He does seem like he has mental issues and he was in there during one of his "episodes". Therefore he wss out in there for his own safety perhaps.

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    Taking out the fact that he was having an 'Episode' when all this was going on I have to say I'd give my left foot to be put into a crib while at the hospital.

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    Hello Baby Damian,

    Yea. If I could be in his situation without having the episode, I would enjoy being in a hospital crib. I am at the local ER from time to time since my bipolar isn't medicated. The guards who sit in the area know I am AB from seeing me in the news and all and so joke about ordering down a crib for me. Wish they were serious. I would request a baba too

    -Baby Stanley

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