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    Default first decent diaper dream

    I sleep lightly enough that I tend to spend a lot of time in REM, but frustratingly I tend to wake up shortly after getting any degree of control in my directed dreaming. (REM occurs at a very light sleep, and I wake up often throughout the night) Tonight was one of the rare exceptions.

    Various things had happened (it was a long dream) and I ended up in a large garage with a few others doing some tinkering. One guy reminded me of Tony Stark, and what we were playing with was very reminiscent of Stark in the cave or in the kid's workshop, working with primative hardware.

    Anyway, I realized I was dreaming, and just generally started seeing what I could do. USUALLY if I try to concentrate to any degree I quickly "black out" (my vision just fades and I wake up) but this time I was having pretty good luck staying in my dream. Sometimes if I am trying to do something specific and start to black out, I can relax and stop what I'm doing and my vision returns and I stay in my dream. So I just relaxed and went with it for awhile to try to cement my hold, and then it occurred to me, "lets see what I can do with my favorite old idea of diapers..."

    Now I've never been lucky enough to just randomly encounter diapers, let alone adult diapers, and my dreams tend to be VERY practical. I can't "wish" myself to fly, nor can I summon something. I really only have control over my actions, not anything in my surroundings or situation. So I have had NUMEROUS unsuccessful attempts to go searching for diapers, and usually wake up after a short time searching.

    So, lets not try that again, it's just not going to work. It's a dream... so I just ASK for help. "Does anyone have any diapers?" The 2-3 guys in the garage seem to ignore me, but then I spot a lady (wife of one of the mechanics?) that I hadn't seen prior to this, and she's stepping off somewhere. I follow, next thing I know we're by the door to the house and she's opening up a LARGE cardboard box to reveal bags of adult diapers!

    The box is big, it's got maybe 6 bags clearly marked and colored white/green M4 for abena xplus. The bags are closer to square like you'd see in other brands though like bambino or comficare. I'm thinking "those won't fit too well". (and ironically, IRL, I am currently asleep in a fairly wet M4!) But there are two bags opened up with PINK diapers spilling out. OK lets check those out.

    First one is mostly white, with pink spots. And it's HUGE. You know how adult diapers look bigger than baby diapers? Take this up a step or two. These diaprs are a good foot wide and maybe 18-20" long, folded. I immediately recognize the print as AwwSoCute's pink bears. (I've never owned those, I've bought a bag of the original blue though) I pulled one out from the other bag and can't see it clearly but it seems to have a pattern similar to the original Waddler, with the different pastel colors and lighter print. It was a little larger than I was expecting, but not quite as oversize as the ASC. I search for the name "Snuggies" which is usually printed on them, but this diaper says "Plushies", which takes me a bit by surprise. My brain is getting creative! (has anyone used this name? I don't think so?)

    I pulled the large ASC out of the box (and notice I am now in the bedroom, it's not uncommon for me to just instantly be somewhere else in a dream) and opened it up on the bed and check out the inside, and it looks like I'd expect inside, with the soft white padding in the hourglass shape. So I drop my pants and prepare to put it on. Aaaand my vision starts to dim out. awwwww.. and I wake up.

    But it was a good dream!

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    I know, right? That happens every single time! Just when something awesome is about to happen, the dream ends. My guess is this happens because you get excited and you get a burst of energy, waking you up. Stupid, I know.

    But, hey! You had a lucid dream, so that's pretty cool!

    I return to lurker status now.

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    Wow, amazing dream! It is such a gift you have for controlling dreams. I've spoken with very few people who have that ability. I even tried myself for a period of time to develop lucid dreaming skills so that I could take charge of my actions in a dream. Most of the time when I'm having a diaper dream, I am conscious of the fact that I may be wearing a diaper (or that I'm choosing to wear if the case may be) and that I'm usually in a situation involving someone else who is also diapered but everything is out of my control. It is like watching myself in autopilot mode in a movie. I recall many dreams screaming in my head "DO THAT!" but to no avail. I think this is what makes any nightmares I have so terrifying. I know that I'm dreaming and I know that something is happening, but despite my insistence to do something mentally, it never translates into action, resulting in terrifying results.

    At any rate, sounds like it was a great dream and too bad it ended so quickly. A good tip I read is that when you first awaken from a dream, keep your eyes closed and remember key moments of the dream. Then go back and try to fill in the gaps. This "replaying" of the dream helps to not only log it into your memory but also makes you more likely to remember your dreams or become aware that you are dreaming more often.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    I had an odd one last night. I went to bed/sleep diapered and probably needing to go. Somewhere during the night, I dreamed my wife and I were living in this very large house. In the dream I was looking for a bathroom, which I found. Instead of looking for the toilet, I was standing in front of the sink, and the sank had no faucets or a spout. I placed my hand over the hole where the faucet should have been, and made a turning motion. Suddenly all this water started pouring through the hole upward, and it looked like a small waterfall, gushing onto the floor.

    I then woke up and wet my diaper. It sort of all figures.

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