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Thread: new feeling with buying diapers

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    Default new feeling with buying diapers

    so i recently went to the store and bought 2 packs of attends from 2007 ( a salvation army was selling them 2 for 10 and they had 24 in them )
    so went to the store and they were VERY BUSY and here comes some long haired teenage looking kid dressed in all black walk in and grab diapers and ask to buy them. it was just to funny in my mind and there were little kids stairing and for some reason i was in no way scared or anything in fact i thought it was funny
    even when walking home friends walked by me and saw the bags (but they did not know whats in them) and still not scared at all

    does anyone else feel this way

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    I am 40 so I do feel that way but not about ABDL diapers. I am secretive about those. Attends-no problem!

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    I hate buying diapers in person, so I usually just buy them online.

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    I've bought Goodnites in the stores a number of times, but now I get those as well on line. Still, I like the rush of public buying. I still buy my baby oil and baby lotion at the grocery store. It makes me have that little feeling.

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    Welllll....hah it sure gives me an adrenaline rush but I'm ALWAYS paranoid about someone I know walking by and seeingme buying them. ahh...

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    As you buy and wear more you quickly realize most people don't notice or care what you are buying, now I just grab what I need maybe ask a few questions and head out there is nothing to be embarrassed about that we need diapers.

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    When I first started buying diapers, I was embarrassed - even though I wanted them, so, so badly I even made up an excuse if anyone would question me (no-one did) and say I was helping out a friend who was short of money lol. I still get a tiny bit embarrassed, but once out of the store, I am always glad I bought them and feel naughty at the prospect!!! Opening a fresh diaper (or 4 as I do at a time lol), is one of the best sensations next to actually wearing one.

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    I absolutely hate buying in person. With me having a baby-face, people are more likely to think that the diapers (especially goodnites) are for me. But, I always go to self-checkout to save me from some of the embarrassment. Also, ordering online is straight up out of the question. The risk of a family member seeing/opening the package is at an all-time high, due to my mother popping a baby out of her just 2 months ago, and being at home now. Big packages would freak everyone out. It's a rarity.

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    I still get the rush when I buy anything babyish, but I've become more comfortable with being able to find a zen place when I do it, and that's really cool. Now I can buy things without letting the nerves really affect me, even though they're there.

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    I prefer buying online, but going in every once in a while to get common things like Dogboy is more of a convenience thing than anything else (though I do feel a bit naughty/childish on the inside knowing it's for me).

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    After working as a cashier for a year when I was younger, I know that the person ringing me up has aproxemently 0% to -1000% interest in what I buy, so I have no nerves when buying AB stuff.

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