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Thread: Fear of Clowns?

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    Default Fear of Clowns?

    I was wondering if anyone here had a fear of clowns, actually, it would be more accurate to say how many people here are afraid of clowns.

    I travel internationally as a humanitarian jester. While I very rarely run across people who are afraid of clowns in other countries, here at home I run up against a widespread fear of clowns and jesters.

    Just a thought that turned into a post.

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    Nah, but I find them very annoying!

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    I suspect this is something honed in early childhood, and I think I can understand:

    Bright colors, loud noises, balloons popping, weird stranger in facepaint ... it seems to have all the elements of creating an intimidating environment for a small child.

    Or, these are just people who have seen Shakes the Clown.

    Do you wear facepaint in your performances, or not?

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    it's not CLOWNS i'm afraid of...its a total stranger walking up to me and tryna make friendly

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    I wouldn't say i'm afraid of clowns now however I was when I was younger. I used to be scared by clowns and people in costume basically any situation where I couldn't identify the person. I'm not scared anymore but I do get really nervous and uncomfortable.

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    You should be afraid of clowns. After all, everyone floats down here! I suppose lots of people do see clowns like the clown in Steven King's "It". As for me, meh.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think that many people have at least a slight subconscious unease about clowns. I've never been to a Halloween exhibit where the "haunted house" didn't have an "evil clown" section.

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    I hate clowns. When one is coming towards me I'll try to hide or just go the other way. Clowns are very scary.

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    A clown and a little girl are walking into the woods at night.
    The little girl looks up to the clown and says, "I'm scared".
    The clown looks down at her with a smile and says,
    "Quit yer bitchin', I have to walk back alone".

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