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Thread: Apple's WWDC 2015 Keynote

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    Default Apple's WWDC 2015 Keynote

    I'm not sure what the make-up of users on ADISC are, but with Apple's big keynote today I was wondering what some of you guys' opinions were on iOS 9, El Capitan, Apple Music and whatever else they announced?

    I know for me I'm really interested in the developer stuff they announced, such as Apple Music. When it comes out later this month I will sign up for the 3 month free trial and see if it's worth switching from Spotify. If it has Taylor Swift, I just might...

    Sound off in the comments below. *ding ding* FIGHT!

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    The jacket was nice, looked kinda like my track jacket (same rainbow logo and everything).

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    I don't know how i feel about this keynote from the WWDC. I mean to say apple usually has something that is pretty amazing with their software. And to me iOS9 doesn't seem like it is adding that much more functionality to the devices that i have already (although i will admit that the iPad split screen multitasking seems like something i would use).

    Overall, there wasn't really a lot of super interesting stuff. Yeah i know that most of the things they came out with are pretty much under-the-hood and most users won't see much functionality out of it. But that being said, it would be nice to have features that are going to improve functionality of what is currently already there.

    Haven't looked too much into El Capitan at this stage, mostly because i haven't had the time to sit down and see where they really are going with it. But i think that they need to start doing something amazing with their desktop OS because it seems like it is stagnating a little bit (i.e. they continue to make improvement of speed that most end-users won't really see much difference of). Compared with mavericks, El Capitan seems a bit short with its enticement. We will see what happens when its released.

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