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Thread: To those of you who Colour in Colouring books...

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    Default To those of you who Colour in Colouring books...

    I have a question!!
    Do you Colour inside the lines? If not do you try to? Do you Colour it crazy?(red cats, purple trains, gold oceans etc.)

    For me it depends on the mood, but I will try to Colour I. The lines!
    (Also bonus question, do you hold your crayon/coloured pencil in a fist, or do you hold it normally?)

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    I never really thought about the way I hold the crayon - so I hold it normally.

    As to coloring within the lines: What I do is I try to color on the fast side but I try to stay within the lines. By doing it this way I often do go outside the lines but not by much. Just enough that it doesn't look like an adult coloring.

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    I'm slightly OCD so I have to color in the lines. The only problem is that sometimes I slightly stray. Damn it!

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    This simple topic has just given me much to think about.
    I do still enjoy coloring in Coloring Books, and I do color inside the lines. I use the ' proper ' colors.
    I did not always color this way.
    What happened ?
    I used to color crazy. I used color outside the lines.
    Has society, and life in general finally beat me down ?
    A Kat once sang something like, " Blue skies are blue, green grass is green. There's no need to see colors any other way, than the way they always have been seen."
    Damn it ! When I was not paying attention, somewhere , at some time, I must have learned to ' conform '.

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    Yes I do like to color in a coloring book.

    I say in the lines and make the perfect picture.

    I loved to drive my oldest son crazy by having him get the kids menu up until he was 13 so I could color. He still order off the regular menu, but it embarrassed the h* out of him.

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    I usually color inside the lines, although sometimes I'm "inventive" about the colors I use for things. I color very infrequently though, to be honest. I'd rather draw on free paper and, to be entirely honest, I always hated art projects when I was actually little and my little now doesn't love them either.

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    I was never really able to color inside the lines perfectly anyway, but I yes accurate colors at least.

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    I personally LOVE colouring books, colouring and drawing. I hold my coloured pencils, felt tips and crayons normally but might try holding them in a fist to feel more little. I try to colour in in the lines but may have to try to let my little side take over for a while. LOL!

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    I definitely get inventive when I color in my coloring books. I actually do my best not to color anything "normally" at all. But I do color inside the lines. Hm, I'd like to get a new set of crayons because mine are all broken. I press too hard when I color!

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