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Thread: Food in diapers?

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    Default Food in diapers?

    I don't know if someone has a thread devoted to this subject or not, but I just wondered if anyone else did anything to simulate the effect of a loaded diaper. I've heard things like bananas, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and so forth. But what about other types of foods? Would be interesting to put a burrito in a diaper, lol, but haven't managed that yet. Anyone else put anything interesting in there?

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    Hehe I work in a restaurant and we make our mashed potatoes from scratch and I get to portion them out. About 2 pounds worth to each portion (the cooks portion it out further) and well I took one home threw it in the microwave. O.O Now that was one full diaper.

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    Nice! I bet that was really fun! The only thing I've tried it like, oatmeal, felt REALLY good warm and mushy. lol. By the way, nice icon!

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    It's weird that that sounds grosser than actually crapping my pants.

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    I liked it a lot better because one there wasn't the smell and two it was all mushy and not just a hard lump just sitting back there.

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    I have not tried to use food as a substitute for loading a diaper and have no intentions of trying. I consider this to be a waste of food and more effort than just loading it naturally.

    You will want to be careful what you place into your diaper. The temperature, acidity, or chemical nature of the food may cause adverse skin reactions. Pickle juice is acidic and could potentially cause a chemical burn or serious diaper rash. Spicy foods may also cause a similar experience. Oatmeal, flour, and water may be entertaining until it dries.

    Have fun while keeping it safe, sane, and consensual!

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    I try to avoid anything that taste, but yea, i tried cooking just a lil rice and made it really watery. It was a lot better than just poo in the diapers.

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    :bunny: This is going to stray a little off topic. I've said before my humor is a little left of center in a Larson - Far Side kind of way.

    A few years ago I was working as a chef at an Assisted Living Facility. Come Halloween, the managers hosted a Halloween party at a fancy hotel for all the employees of their eight ALF's in the region. I made some awesome Guacamole which I served on the catering table in Depends. LOL. :bunny:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah View Post
    may be entertaining until it dries.
    Well, what do you do when something in your diaper gets too dry?

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    You wet the diaper!

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