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Thread: can't take much more

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    Default can't take much more my mom basically disowned me, told me I've done nothing but use and abuse her and that ive taken everything from her. We moved out to our buildings, but only a week in and she's leaving.... And blaming me and my mate for everything. If my mate wasn't here I'd be a corpse right now. I'm so fuckin sick of being a disappointment..... I need help....I can't afford help....I'm lost......

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    Prove her wrong.

    You have the power to make your life. Never think of yourself as a disappointment. You have the world at your fingertips and you can make a noble life out of it. I don't know the specifics of your situation, maybe you could elaborate a little more to give us some additional insight so that we may be able to help you further but it pains me so much to see people doubting themselves and cursing their abilities. I was there once, not too long ago. At the end of my road, a piece of shit with nothing to live for. But I made changes and I decided to prove my doubters that I had the ability to show them I didn't need them - that I was above their pettiness and shallow judgements.

    And you can too. I never want you to think for a moment that your life means nothing and that you have done nothing but let the world down. There are some people in this world that set unachievable expectations and blame others when they aren't met. And never forget that as long as you are a part of our family you are never alone. Many of us have been through our own versions of hell and we can relate. Never think that someone here hasn't gone through something similar. Help us to understand what plagues you, and maybe we can show you how we got through it.

    Of course I'm not suggesting that we are able to solve anyone's problems but the mere fact that there are others here who have been through life's wringer proves that you are not alone. And you have ears that will listen and voices that will give advice.

    I'd like to hear more about your situation, please take this opportunity to vent.

    In the meantime, stay strong VallenTheFireFox, and know we are here for you.

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    It's hard for me to go into detail....its hard to talk about

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    Well I understand. The matters of the heart are very hard to talk about sometimes. It will get better, I promise. But if you ever want to talk, vent, discuss things further we're here for you.

    Do take care!

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    Help is out there, Vallen. Some of it right here. Listen, I don't know what happened between you and your mother, but you're an adult and she doesn't get to decide who you are. If you did something wrong, do your best to fix it and make amends. If she did something wrong, do your best to forgive her but also make sure that you're not a situation where that tension is going to constantly reoccur. If you can't live apart due to finances, make sure that each of you has your own space that the other won't enter and set some clear boundaries for time together and time apart.

    Just hang in there, okay? Finances will improve over time, and you'll find a way to get some more help if you need it. For now, if you're willing to talk, either in the thread or by private message if that's more comfortable, feel free to contact me and maybe I or others will be able to provide some more advice as we learn more about what happened. In the meantime, stay strong, okay? You are your own person and your responsibility is to yourself and your mate first, and if you mom doesn't like that, you will all just have to find a way to make the situation work as best you can. Once more, hang in there.

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    Unfortunately, I'm now on my own with finances, my fiancee and I are being left to ourselves, my moms moving away. Right now I'm extremely numb, trying to block out the pain and feelings of abandonment. I've got enough to deal with as is being sick and unable to work, and waiting to hear from a specialist to see if I need surgery

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    Oh man, I'm sorry. It seems like parents are a recurring issue for my friends and family. I don't know why parents become so hard and rude sometimes, and it all hits as a giant shock. I don't think there is ever a way to be prepared for that type of a thing either.

    Do you go to school or work? Colleges and Universities should all have psychologists that are available for you to talk to at a very small fee. There could be the chance that your job has access to counselling services if the company you work for is big.

    Also, if you want to talk to somebody random and just rant, there is always this website Although as Ocelot offered, I also don't mind talking if you want somebody to rant to.

    It'll get better, you have a friend/partner to be there for you, and hurt often heals over time, at least to the point where you can be happy with yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattew View Post
    Hang in there man.
    Aggree, also I'll prey for you.

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