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    Default Looking for something new

    I'm a 23 year old male.
    I've been wearing Goodnites girls since I was 18.
    Before that I wore makeshift from bags, tissue paper and toilet paper.

    I've also worn Tranquility ATN before, which were quite comfortable.

    I'm starting to get bored of Goodnites, so I'm looking for something new but don't know where to start.

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    What exactly are you wanting? If you want more function, you will not find anything at a local merchant that'll give you nothing but the basic stuff that you've already tried. You have to meet online to get the best. There's numerous brands and options to try that will give you a huge upgrade as quality goes.

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    are you able to order diapers online? that opens up a lot more options and better quality

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    Whatever you buy - keep away from Fabine. They are a ripoff. If you like it colorful and thick, try Crinklz. If you prefer it cheaper but still absorbent and thick, I heavily recommend Comficare. They are really worth every cent.

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    Are you looking specifically for a pull-up, or any diaper? Also where on the spectrums of usefulness, aesthetics, and cost are you looking at? For pullups with usability I can only recommend northshore. For full diapers if you aren't heavy in the aestics I HIGHLY recommend Molicare super plus (plastic backed.) It is cheap for a premium diaper, is IMO the most functional diaper for use, and while not childish it is still pleasing to the eye. Not something you can hide that you are wearing however. I'm more about the functionality of the diaper, so I'll leave recommendations for looks to those with more of a focus for that area.

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    Or try the Molicare Super Plus. My personal favourite! A thick and comfy diaper, very nice to wear in my opinion.

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    According to a thread on them, Always Discreet Maximum Absorbency are like someone pushed the enlarge button on a GoodNite. They're scented, and readily available. Ooooh, flowers! Maximum absorbency is the thing to remember.

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    I could not POSSIBLY be happier with Snuggies Waddlers! They have the look and feel I'm after and have very seldom let me down in the quality department. Plus, since the new Overnight Waddlers (awesome too, btw) are out, they've dropped the prices on the regular ones.

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    Others have answered this question well for online options. If you're limited to store buying, I'm assuming you're looking for a more diaper-like option, since Goodnites are about as good as you'll do for pull-up/cute diapers. Depends are available everywhere, and if you get the Fitted Protection with tabs (the tape-up ones), they're actually not terrible. Tena Super is better, but not available everywhere. In general, stay away from store-brand diapers - they're usually terrible.

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    If you must pick up your diapers locally... STAPLES of all places carries molicare. If they don't carry them locally, (quite possible) then you just order online and pick up a day or two later when they arrive at your local store.

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