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Thread: summer is comming and it light clothing time, and your diapers ??

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    Cool summer is comming and it light clothing time, and your diapers ??

    Just wondering if anyone like to wear diapers under their shorts are swinging clothes. I like to wear my cloth diapers under my shorts and go for a walk in them.
    Are what do you like to wear in the summer to hide your diapers.

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    I like to wear my cloth diapers in bed. No other articles of clothing, maybe a light sheet.

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    I love the idea of shorts and diapers. Just the idea of having them peek out the top or bottom is very babyish, it's just not really practical.

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    I love to run around wearing just a diaper. Feels so great like when I was a baby.

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    Summertime is the ultimo time for Diapers under Adidas shorts and/or trackies. Crinckle Crinckle, but no one notices, anyway…
    Although, when it gets really hot outside my DL desires go to a sort of ease down, but wearing outside I find very exciting.

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    Hell, I usually jog in my windbreaker and track pants while listening to my walkman.

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    I have a couple black mesh shorts that i have cut the liner out of.

    At a distance you can not see anything but up close the white of the diaper or my manties shows through.

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    warmer weather is somewhat of a mixed blessing. Diapers during the day often gets sweaty and sticky. But in the evening it's nice and cool and I can sleep in just a diaper and no sheets even, or even sit out on the porch in just a tshirt and diaper.

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    While we have not had it hot hot yet, I am finding that wearing a "Always Discrete" pullup inside my khaki shorts there has not been an issue with getting all heat sticky inside. And because they are actually discrete in style and shape, no one is the wiser that I am wearing at all. In fact it was warm enough to cycle around without my tshirt on, thinking that even if anyone actually did pay attention to the waistband of my pullup peeking out a bit, it would be no different that when you spot waistbands of male/female undies peeking out. And sitting out on the balcony during a lovely summer evening wearing only a diaper is just wonderful feeling.

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    I don't try to hide my diapers, and yes it gets hot and sticky, but I have no choice. At least nobody has to see my butt crack like overweight men who wear no underpants at all or wear underpants that are too small.

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