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    Default Power Mac G5 Blu-Ray

    I was wondering if anyone knows of an IDE blu-ray drive that would work in an old Power Mac G5. I may be able to get some kind of converter to fit a SATA drive in but my main concern is whether I'll be able to find any drivers for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.8). Leopard hasn't been supported in YEARS so I don't know how much support it would have for these things.

    Does anyone know of a model of blu-ray drive (preferably a blu-ray burner) that would be supported in Mac OS X Leopard?

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    I don't think that you would have an issue with finding a drive so much as the software. You will need to find some 3rd party software for Blu-Ray movies, as Mac OSX 10.5 doesn't have native Blu-Ray support (to my knowledge anyways). Additionally, it would probably be easier to find a SATA Blu-Ray drive and get an IDE to SATA converter. Even if you did find a Blu-Ray drive that had an IDE connection, it would probably be very slow compared to what you can get nowadays, and probably much more expensive than a newer one.

    As for software, it really depends on what all you want to do with the drive (movies, files, etc) and what you want to spend.

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    It seems IDE blue ray drives don't exist, i think Blue ray drives where made after the switch from IDE connectors to SATA connectors. However I know you can get IDE to SATA adapters.

    For the software part, I'm not sure if you already have the OS installed (operating system) but you can always download it. I know a lot of the drivers already come with the operating system. however i don't think you need drivers for the Blue ray drive since it can read the disk to install the operating system.

    I hope this helps.

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    Blue was around in 2005-06, it was just not widely used, a USB blue ray drive should work on any new world mac (I've gotten it to work on my G4 and G3 iMacs).

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    Thanks for the replies but never mind. the G5 I got doesn't appear to work. I tried a few things and it looks like a dead motherboard or CPU(s).

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    Let me know if you need parts or another machine- I've got a spare or two

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