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Thread: Top or bottom tapes first?

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    Default Top or bottom tapes first?

    I've seen a few people commenting about the way they tape up when putting on a diaper. Some people always do the top tapes first, while others start with the bottom tapes. Even a few have said that it depends on the diaper. Well, I'd like to know what you guys think!

    Why does this matter? Proper taping can lead to a better fitting diaper that will stay on longer and feel more comfortable. Plus you'll be more efficient and be able to change really fast when needed.

    I'd love if some people could say why for whichever they do in the replies below!

    So, top or bottom tapes first?
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    I do the bottom ones first as a wall or the floor holds the diaper in place. The top being a little loose can be adjusted, but I male sure the bootom ones are good so there aren't any leaks.

    Plus it is easier to make the v-shape if the top tapes aren't done yet. It won't stretch them if they aren't secure.

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    I have my procedure almost down to a science.
    I lay out the diaper flat on the bedside, sit down on it, pulling up the back and front to about the same hight around the waist.
    Tape the lower tapes first at a slightly upward angle then I stand up and run fingers around the leak barriers ensuring a good fit.
    Sit down again, suck in my tummy a bit and tape the upper tapes at a slightly downward angle.

    Hope it helps

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    I do top tapes first straight across, then bottom tapes angled down.

    When my friend changes me, she starts by taping up the right side then the left side.

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    I always start with the bottom tapes first then move on to the top tapes because its the only way I can get the best fit for me. I tried other ways before doing this and I could not get a good fit at all. When I do up my tapes I tape them straight across and I make the diaper feel snug on me.

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    It looks like most people do the bottom tapes first! I've always just done the top ones and hadn't thought much about it until recently, that's why I made the poll. Next time I wear I will definitely try some of these different ways out!

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    Bottom tapes first. Makes it more snug around the legs, then the top to secure the waist.

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    I'm surprised to see that the majority of people do bottom tapes first. I do top tapes first and honestly never thought about it. It just comes naturally to me and it's always worked for me, though I might try bottom first sometime.

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    when I diaper myself, I do bottom first. When my wife diapers me, she does top first. I think it might be easier when diapering someone else to do top down.

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    I lay mine out on the couch, then sit down on the center. Next I left up both front and back to make sure that they are of equal height. I always do the bottoms first as I want to make certain that I have a very nice and snug feeling "V" formation, of which the tapes are fastened slightly upwards. Last naturally are to top ones of which I fasten in a slightly downward direction. Mind you, just about every blessed time I forget to suck in my tummy just a bit so that I get that nice tight fit.

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