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    In public, I'm a big strong man, usually wearing high-vis yellow, camo print outerwear, and steel-toe boots. I'm that guy who's always wearing a baseball cap with a pencil behind the ear, a screwdriver or something in one pocket, and my Fastback II utility knife in the other. I smoke, drink, and swear like a sailor, but I always tip my server well.

    In private, I'm just as big and strong (sometimes too much), but I'll most likely be wearing nothing but a store-bought diaper and a bathrobe. I get a rush from going to big-box stores and buying all the things that make me feel little or safe, or downright sexy: diapers and pullups, boys and girls clothing (especially underwear and swimwear) and baby supplies. I tend to stick to stores far from home that have self-checkout lines, but recently, I have started to actually enjoy the process of going through a regular checkout line and chatting or cracking jokes with the cashier as she scans and bags my packages of diapers, undies, baby supplies, and the other everyday things I tend to pick up when I go on a diaper run.

    I have lurked on ADISC a few times and poured through the threads, and I know this is just the kind of community I want to belong to.

    Having read some of the posts here, I realize how lucky I am to have the privacy and resources I need to live this important part of my life relatively fearlessly. I'm grateful to have been raised to believe in myself and not be ashamed of who I am. I live with family, and I doubt any of them know of my DL side or my gender- and age-play, but I am confident that if it were inadvertently discovered or disclosed, I could have an open conversation about it and be accepted. Only time will tell if that same acceptance will be given by my girlfriend when I decide to tell her... although I wouldn't be with someone who I think would react with anger or revulsion to such a harmless and important part of my identity. Thats not how either of us rolls.

    As I write this, I am wearing my second (wet) Always Discrete pull-up of the day (THE BEST store-bought brand I have found so far, even if the scent is a bit much sometimes), and am eagerly awaiting the literally-any-minute-now-I-keep-getting-up-to-check-the-front-porch delivery of my first online order of premium diapers: one pack each of the classic Molicare Super-Plus briefs and Wellness Briefs Superios. I'll be sure to give my take on those in the relevant threads in Diaper Talk.

    Thanks to everyone who has built this community and contributed to it. I certainly couldn't do it, and without you, there would be a lot more confused and isolated ABDLs in the world.

    This is gonna be fun.

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    Welcome tg4! We're glad you're out of lurker status! You sound like a man who enjoys a good diaper. I think you'll have fun here. I look forward to your comments in the threads!

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    I hope you don't portray the builders butt that the trade seems accomplished in?

    Hahah welcome from me!

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