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Thread: Crinklz distributor for the US

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    Default Crinklz distributor for the US

    Like many others here I've been rather excited about the recent growth in the abdl diaper market and look forward to trying new brands such as Snuggies and the recent rebirth of Abuniverse. In particular I've been curious about the new brand called Crinklz which is a Comficare brief with a babyfur print all over. They seem like the best choice since most other Abdl brands aren't made from a well known and reputable company, although again like many others i am discouraged by the staggeringly high price. At over 3 dollars a piece i find them to be far too costly, even though it pains me to pass on such an excellent product.

    But while researching Crinklz i discovered something interesting. As many others know Crinklz are mainly available from However, i also learned that they are also available on the european website Not only that, they are available there for 19$ a pack. But when i added a case to my cart and got a quote for the shipping, i sadly learned that the added overseas cost would make them just as expensive as if i were to order them from Rearz. I now understand that the diaper itself is not that expensive to produce, it is merely expensive to ship.

    The obvious solution to this dilemma is to find a company willing to make a large enough bulk purchase to even out the costs of shipping. Now i may be answering my own question by overlooking, but as is evident the cost of shipping is not deluded enough to make them affordable. Is it possible that their prices might lower as time passes and orders of Crinklz become regular enough to establish an affordable shipping rate that can be passed on to consumers? Or could another company distribute them with greater ease? I really want to try these diapers but i really don't want to pay that much for them.

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    You may want to contact Casey at ABUniverse, He already has an agreement with to be the USA distributor of their Inspire and Spoiled diapers.

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    comficare -> (domestic container shipping) -> thrust vector -> (international container shipping) -> rearz -> (international box shipping) -> abuniverse -> (domestic box shipping) -> consumer

    I'd like to point out that the more hands there are in the pot, the more expensive it is in the end for the consumer. It may negate any savings. One way or another, it's gotta take a slow boat from china. It's just a lot cheaper to do by the shipping container than by the cardboard box. Eventually it's gotta go in a box, but it's best to keep that as short as possible (and not cross borders) In other words, casey needs to be dealing with Thrust Vector directly, and get his own container from them, rather than order through Rearz, who will take their cut and cost additional shipping to get from CA to USA.

    With the above model, there are SEVEN people marking up the product. (three companies and four shippers)

    comficare -> (domestic container shipping) -> thrust vector -> (international container shipping) -> abuniverse -> (domestic box shipping) -> consumer

    That removes one retailer and one international shipping from the chain. Middlemen may make it easier, but they certainly don't make it cheaper

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    Bambinod - Thrust Vector owns Comficare they are one in the same. You are correct if ABU were to buy from Rearz who bought from ThurstVector the price would be highere because you are paying for international shipping twice and import fees of two different countries.

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    I'm confused, to be honest with you. What would the problem be with ordering them directly from rearz and having them shipped into the U.S.?

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    YankeeFox, even that amount of international shipping from Canada to USA can be prohibitive

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    Yes indeed. I don't understand why there is so much security between The US and Canada. The ridiculous custom fees that are involved are too much. I think it's pretty much to make as much money as possible off of people.

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    Why in gods name would anyone produce a product in the US, send it overseas to be modified and then sent it back to America? I don't understand why they cant run an operation either entirely through America or entirely in Europe, this makes no sense.

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    decided to do some digging...

    Also for those looking for a retailer nearby, crinklz has this finder page:

    But even at 300mi I don't see any hits?

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    Interesting, I never knew... why does it cost so much??

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