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    My wife's accross the country til Monday. I said something to a guy at work about being a bachelor all weekend.

    He asked if I planned anything special.

    I said "I'll probably just sit around in my own filth."

    He laughed, but I'm sure he has no idea, and here I am in an M4, devouring a medium rare steak, and drinking a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

    I'll be glad to have her back, but I am enjoying this for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ampelhamza View Post
    I'll be glad to have her back, but I am enjoying this for now.
    I know what you mean. I'm a social creature, and I do prefer when the family is around.

    But when they're not, and I can just crash on the couch in diapers, I'm not altogether sad.

    Have fun!

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    Ah....I remember those days, and I was one very wet baby. Oh come to think about it, I'm still a wet baby, just not quite as wet.

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    I'm not married, but I totally understand the freedom of a few days off from people at home. Being able to relax in a diaper, watch the game (if it's that time of year--Go Broncos!), or play some games on the computer without worrying of people coming home is fantastic. But, human interaction is sort of necessary to my sanity so eventually I am glad to have my family return home.

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