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Thread: longest one can go without a change

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    Default longest one can go without a change

    What is the longest a person can go without a change?

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    All night and that's about it for me.

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    Are you asking what the maximum time a diaper can be worn? Quite some time. I have heard of some kids being locked in closets for days, still wearing the same diaper. So the answer is days and days.

    If you are asking what is the maximum time I myself have been I the same diaper: that is about 12 hours.

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    Maybe 8-10 hours max. I made it close to 8 a little wet, and started to get a rash. All depends on the diaper and how much you use it thiugh

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    I'm lucky to make it though the night. for me very wet in the morning. I guess 8 hours for me

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    The longest I've gone in one is 15 hours. This was after I had a tooth pulled and was on hydrocodone, which I guess worked really well cuz I was out the entire time lol. I woke up with a pretty nasty rash tho.

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    Overnight is good nuff for me. I've been wearing 24/7 for long enough now to have a full appreciation for keeping my skin as healthy as possible.

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    The longest for me has been about 24 hours I tend to wear my diapers until most if not all of the padding is used and I liked to stay in wet diapers.

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    Longest for me has been 12 hours but of course it depends on how much you drink. It was totally soaked to the max and then it leaked a river through the plastic pants. Right on my office armchair. Not nice but at least I know the limits now. By the way this was a Comficare M4. So yes there was much liquid in it. That fluffy, big bulge feels wonderful.

    I like to stay in wet nappies too but they all tend to leak too quickly when sitting down since you squeeze the padding with your butt. Plastic pants can remedy that to a degree but not reliable.
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