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Thread: "Flood" of new AB/DL diapers hitting the market

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    Talking "Flood" of new AB/DL diapers hitting the market

    Has anyone else noticed that there has been a large amount of diapers hitting the market lately? With ABU back in business carrying 2 new types of diapers (and actually delivering, even though i never had an issue), DC Amor and the gen 2 pink diapers, Snuggies and the new overnight series, Aww so cute and their pink and blue ones, even the new crinklz animal ones. And it even seems that fabines are a new player even though they've been around a minute. Is it just me that's seeing this? how is the great "Bambino" dealing with all this new competition? Should i stock up while i have the chance? I haven't seen anything new from them. I'm still waiting on an AB/DL pull up from someone. I feel like some of the companies could go bust if to many players join the game. I know that regular diapers have all but disappeared from my collection to make room for the nice stuff. Anyone care to comment?

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    I'm happy that the ABDL Diaper Market has exploded and that there are so many new cool choices to choose from. I don't think you have to worry about Bambino going anywhere. They still are a well known name in the ABDL community, and while I do really like some of the new stuff hitting the market, Bambino still has some of the best products on the market. They can handle the competition. The companies I can see losing ABDLs thanks to this competition also market to the Incontinent community and can survive just fine without us.

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    It could help lower the cost of some companies

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    It baffles me really. Everyone always said that this was a small community of people that are like us. This tells new otherwise. There's either some serious hoarders out there, or, there's more than just a small community out there. Perhaps much bigger than everyone thought.

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    Fabines or the makers of them I think have gone out of business, they've had nothing new on the market since their rubbish panda print diaper.
    I had a look at their website and they have nothing on it apart from old large all white diapers and children's pull ups,
    Does anybody here know if they've stopped making diapers or do they have something new in the pipeline?

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    I love the growing market, but we small sized people need a little love too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBabyMagicain View Post
    I love the growing market, but we small sized people need a little love too.
    but you all have been squeezing into actual real baby diapers and making some of us jealous

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    but you all have been squeezing into actual real baby diapers and making some of us jealous
    Squeezing into them because you can and squeezing into them because you have to are two completely different things.

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    To the ones that wants a pullup diaper we need to email this companies and request such I diaper. They have to know that there I'd a huge market for such an item before they will attempt to manufacture them. I myself would like to see a pullup too. I wear 24/7 but I can only wear pullups to work and the type I have found that works is the depends real fit which I am not a fan of depends products but the real fit is nice and does hold a good amount. Just don't flood it I will leak

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    I wouldn't say that more is necessarily better, but new and better products are obviously better. The trouble is that not all of the new products we're seeing are better. Instead--and I won't name names--some of the new diapers look like retreads of diapers we've already seen. Or else some features are better while others are a step backwards. These diapers just dilute the money pool and hurt everybody, IMO.

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