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    So, I guess I kinda got what I wanted. It turns out I have urge incontinence and I told it to my mom. She's coming over friday. I'm 25 and the last time she changed my diaper was when i was 5. I don't know if she will try to change me or not and she says it's fine if i wet while she's in the room but I'm finding myself doing all the same things that I did when I was a kid. Trying to walk in a way that conceals my diaper, keeping distance from people so they don't know I'm wet. Going out of the room and hiding in the house so I can wet without getting caught. I'm really nervous.

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    I also live with my dad, my younger sister, and my older cousin. I haven't been able to leave the house since I stopped trying to hold it anymore. It hurts too much to try. I just don't want everyone to know because it would turn me into a social outcast.

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    First off, I'm sorry you're going through this right now - it's certainly tough, especially at first, to get used to wearing diapers and all that entails.

    But, I will give you a piece of advice that I've picked up - it really isn't noticeable. Trust me, I've been there too - the first time I wore a diaper out in public and to and from classes, I was terrified, and SO sure everyone would be able to tell what I was wearing by taking a single look at me.

    To this day, dry and wet diapers and all, I've never run into a single person that so much as hinted that something was amiss. And I've done plenty of things in them - from walking across campus to grab lunch with some of my friends, to giving in-class presentations. As time went on, I came to realize that people really don't notice it, and as I realized that, gradually, I became less and less nervous about being diapered in public. As I'd also come to find out, others seem to feel pretty much the same way.

    But, it's a personal process, and getting the courage to go out in public is something that really can only come from experience. But once you do leave the house, I really think you'll find there's nothing to be afraid of. Life is too full of fantastic and wonderful places and things to experience to hide away from them, and you're still young. You've got so much ahead of you yet!

    Good luck and best wishes.

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    First thing to realize is that no one is payong attention to anyone other than themselves. No one has EVER came up to me and mentioned diapers.

    I've worn boosted Bambino Belssimos in public with no incidents. Of course it's a process to gain some confidence back, but, you can't let something like this control your life.

    You may say that I'm different because I actually like to wear diapers, but the embarrassment and emotion is just as bad. They both hold that social stigma whether you wear for incontinence or for fun. Try explaining to anyone that you want and like to wear diapers.

    I do know how it feels and i've experienced people finding out. It's a very nerve racking emotional rollercoaster.

    What you need to do is start going places and be yourself. Right now, you are your own worst enemy. You are beating yourself emotionally and it will take it's toll.

    What you are currently doing is making it obvious for others. You're attracting the stares, but, by being yourself it will go by like wind.

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    It can be tough, but as said before I have worn all over the place and nobody has ever have noticed. I'm pretty sure your mom isn't going to want to change you if you can change yourself but will be there for support.

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    Don't worry about it as you wear more and more you to will realize no one notices, I would always be concerned that people will notice especially when I wet I have now wet in multiple locations and with people close up no one noticed.

    Just wear premium diapers (Trust your Diaper) and don't think about what's happening when you wet just carry on with what you were doing. My wife used Tombe able to tell when I wet (facial and body language) now she has no idea yesterday I wet 3 times in the sme diaper while she was 2 feet away.

    99% of the time we are the ones who give away the fact that we wear and wet when we panic we are going to get caught wearing and wetting . So just relax and don't worry no one will notice or care if they do just be confident in your self and diaper selection and get on with life.

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    All of the above and this: if you have a medical issue, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. When I wore for colitis, it did not bother me as the alternative....

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    Thanks guys, I woke up this morning and found all these replies. You guys all have a lot of courage. I'll try walking down trails and sidewalks in peaceful parts of town. I think that should help me get used to walking around without letting anyone know.

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    You will be fine just relax, nobody is looking to see if you are wearing just act casual and be confident in your self it will definatly get easier over time and it wont belong before wont even be thinking about the fact you are wearing a diaper for medical needs.

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