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Thread: Big Wave to everyone from S. Wales ABY

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    Smile Big Wave to everyone from S. Wales ABY

    Hello, I'm a 50 y/o AB male living in South Wales looking to make friends and share AB experiences with others.

    I enjoy wearing nappies/pull-ups and regression play as a 'little' boy who sometimes dressed up as a girl by mistake ) & who's nearly there - but not quite - with potty training.

    I love collecting lego, cycling, computer stuff (cos' that's my grown-up job) and drinking real ale (from a jug, sometimes a sippy cup if I've been good

    I'd like to socialise and learn about all others with similar interests to me, particularly those married and whose partners are OK with this lifestyle (or better still, enjoy it too!)

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    Hello Pumpkin and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hello Pumpkin! Would the reason why you're interested in talking to others who are married be because you have a significant other and want their advice? I myself am single without kids but I can at least direct you to some people who do have a healthy relationship with someone else who's ok with this lifestyle. I would recommend that you talk to Dogboy because he's married. When it comes to socializing on here I think I should mention that ADISC is more about support then actually socializing but that does not mean you can't do so as long as you do that separately by other means.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Another from South Wales? I have family from there myself but don't live there, although I do feel a strong connection with others from that part of the world

    As for advice on relationships and ABDL, well I've been through two and now happily in my third (and hopefully permanent) one, so if you have any questions then please fire away!

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    Hi pumpkin and welcome. I enjoy the occasional ale myself. Sometimes I break down and buy some Bass Ale which I enjoy. Otherwise I buy some local craft beer/ale. We have some excellent brewers in central Virginia (USA).

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    Welcome, pumpkin! Hopefully we can be a community you will enjoy! It's great to see older AB/DLs online, because it can add a whole new perspective on pretty much everything!

    Out of curiosity, are you a casual cyclist, a commuter, or a serious, more competitive one?
    I'm asking because your post reminded me of one comic:
    Also, I know you just said you were from Wales, but what connotations does the term "cyclist" have there?

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    Thanks for your advice accepted. I'm expecting that it's mainly online socialising I'm on about : it's been a while since I last had met up with ABy's for a social (6 July 2013 to be precise - at NatNapUK - truly awesome day! -!lincoln/ccxr)

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    Hi & thanks Embrace, lovely to have such a warm welcome.

    Your link made me smile! I think it is spot on about Brits being pretty serious when they use the word cycling : certainly applies to me. Don't think that it's much different in Wales either - great cycling around Brecon, usually seriously fit types in lycra with shaved legs flying around. I can't cycle mountains anymore, my long-distance touring days are over - but I do like the idea of shaving my legs though

    Are you a cyclist/bicyclist/peddler yourself?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hi dogboy, good to say hello to you. Bass is not bad (btw, the red triangle is apparently britain's oldest trademark), and it's good that the USA has a growing interest in traditional brewing too - I used to work in North Carolina, and spent many a night in Chapel Hill and Raleigh where they had some cracking local brewers. I'm luck being back in blighty though cos' the UK's definitely the best for variety : we have thousands of small independents/microbrewers, thanks to CAMRA.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Your greeting are much appreciated, Egor. I love the cat's expression btw! I'm a cat lover, but my wife hates cates. I hate dogs, but my wife's a dog lover. So we have a pet rabbit - seemed like a good compromise!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Nice to hear from you, Bohemian (as in Rhapsody? - Queen fan is it?)

    I've just been married the once, and in fact met my wife because of being an AB - a story for another time possibly.

    Can I ask if your previous wives were aware of your fetishistic side, and if so did this demage/get in the way or enhance these relationships?

    Bye for now

    - - - Updated - - -

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    You have the cutest Avatar...EVER!

    By the way, I'm a cat. Technically a Tiger.

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    I have holidayed a lot in North Wales - hope I'm not putting my foot in it by saying that but I'm gonna say - based on guess work - you're whole country is beautiful! Favrit nappy...if you don't mind me asking. Finally welcome to Adisc. bringmesunshine

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