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Thread: Making your own plastic pants: PVC Welding tool

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    Default Making your own plastic pants: PVC Welding tool

    Dear readers,

    I don't know how many of you are of the 'creative kind' and make their own stuff. From time to time I try to do that, and now I ran into a problem. Maybe someone here knows the answer to following question:

    Did somebody here ever got his hand on a PVC welding tool? Any ideas how to do this?

    The forum has some suggestions about soft PVC glue, but I do not find that the best solution. Sewing is another word for 'tiny leaking holes' I think. Welding is the way to go. Like beach balls and those beach alligators

    I saw those 'impulse sealers', but they are fairly large.

    Suggestions are welcome, many thanks !

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    I'm used to be a certified welder fabricator and while I don't know how to find that kind of thing I will talk to my friends who are welders because I know they at least know where to get one of those at least. I will return later to inform you accordingly but I think those are expensive.

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    I've had some success with parchment paper and an iron, but the seams end up really rigid and break easily unless you time it just perfectly.

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    I made my first so long ago from a shower curtain and elastics from old tighty-whities using an iron to seal the seams.

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    Acetone--available in drug stores as a nail polish removed--is often used in plumbing to weld PVC pipe fittings. It is a very effective PVC solvent, at least when it comes to that particular kind of PVC. If you have some samples of the PVC material you want to use, and a well-ventilated "laboratory", you might experiment and see if lightly moistening the area of contact with acetone forms an effective bond between two pieces. I suspect only a tiny quantity would be required.

    Just a thunk!

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    I can only give knowledge about working with hard ABS plastic but I have 3 main ways of welding parts together.
    1) Acetone - This makes a strong weld but has a tendency to fog ABS if used for too long. Its also hard to do without ending up with a pile of goop if used for too long.
    2) Friction welding - Use a Dremel and spin another piece of plastic at the seam. The plastics will get hot and begin to meld together.
    3) Soldering Iron - I use a temperature controlled soldering iron that has proved very reliable in forming good seams. Cooler creates a better weld while warmer goes faster.

    Combining sewing with Aquaseal might eliminate the problem with holes. I have used Aquaseal to repair waders so it definitely waterproofs.

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    I'm an industrial designer, so I know how to weld together sheets of plastic with acetone, it just melts a little bit of it.

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    Impulse welders. They work great on solid materials, but will pull off PULs coating. As long as it is not a laminated favric they will work on it. Same technology used in sealing vacuum bags. They are generally less than $300 and come in various sizes. It works by using a timing circuit to heat the loop for a short time (you'll have to figure it out material by material) and instanly cutting the heat so it welds with out melting too much. Same coils are in it as a toaster, but the timing is way shorter. Then there is sonic welding that is used in making water beds. This one is much more expensive and generally a very large machine.

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    Unless you are in electrical, electronic engineering, or related field I would highly reccomend against trying to make a home-made one. If you plug a faulty or incorrectly built one into the wall the best outcome is an electrical fire, and the worst is being hit by 120v at 10+ amps which can kill you.

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