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Thread: littles movies?

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    Default littles movies?

    i want to watch a little's movie tonight but not sure i want to watch somthing i have not tho what are a few good littles movies (i have seen big hero six)

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    Anything by pixar should work. Or maybe a pokemon or Marvel movie. These all to the trick for me.

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    Almost any of the Disney animated movies.

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    Pokemon for me!

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    Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang is a good "littles" movie.

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    hmm you might want to try Maya the Bee

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    The Care Bears Movie
    The Care Bears Movie II

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    This is a very easy question with a lot of different answers since our taste in movies are subjective. There are so many movies that would be interesting and appealing to people like you. I'm wondering if any of the following movies are familiar to you:

    Any Don Bluth movie
    Care Bars Movie
    The Rugrats Movie
    The Tigger Movie (one of my all-time favorites)
    Any Disney movie
    Any Thomas the Tank Engine specials (if you want to count direct-to-video releases and not just the theatrical movie from 2000)

    If you know any of the above movies or anything related, then you can watch them with no problem.

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