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Thread: Nylon briefs: Memories from childhood with my brother.

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    Smile Nylon briefs: Memories from childhood with my brother.

    I have some fond memories of playing wetting games with my younger brother when we were little kids. "Sean" is 2 years younger than me, but we were, and are, pretty tight friends. I think part of that was because of my bed wetting. I wet until I was 10, but apart from a few isolated incidents, he stopped wetting the bed before he turned 4. It's strange being a 10 year old who wears a diaper or trainers to bed, while your 8 year old brother hasn't had to wear them in years, apart from a couple of trips away.

    So I think one of the reasons we got on so well is the fact he never made an issue of my night time problem. Sure, it did get mentioned in the heat of a sibling argument a couple of times, but only rarely, and never in front of anyone else. He never teased me, told on me, or threatened me awith exposure over it or anything. In fact, we both had occasions where one of us wet their pants, and we never told on each other, but would rather try to help each other. It was always like a little secret for us, if one of us had an accident.

    The swimsuit and undie wetting actually started with us being told it was ok to do it sometimes.

    We never had a proper pool, but we always had a paddling pool or later on an above ground one. For years we had an abundance of dirt to. Dad had a she'd put in, and where the foundations had been dug out, there was left a big pile of dirt. He was always going to spread it around the lawn, and eventually did, but after a few years! Until then, Sean and I had a dirt mountain to play on with our cars and soldiers, or for any other digging games we might invent.

    When we played in the pool or dirt, we would just strip down to our underwear and a singlet or t shirt so as not to get our clothes dirty. Usually it would be delayed until the last outside activity of the day, so it didn't matter how wet or dirty we got, we would be going inside for a bath or shower afterwards. In Australia, with our hot climate, it's really common for kids to be running around their yards having water fights and such in just their underwear. It gets hot, the kids moan, so you send them outside to play with the hose.

    One day we were outside playing in the dirt, both just wearing underpants and t shirts. I would've been about 6-7, with him the aforementioned 2years younger. Suddenly, with no prior warning of impending doom, Sean wet his pants. They were fairly thick cotton, and he fully soaked them and started crying. Mum came out to see what was wrong, and I had to tell her that he had wet himself.

    She stood him up and gave him a hug, and told him it was ok, and not a big deal. She told us to go and play in the pool and wash off. I asked mum if she wanted me to get a clean pair of pants for my brother, she just laughed and said we were going to get wet anyway, so it would be silly to change. "I don't think a pair of wet undies matter if you're going to get wet anyway" she said.

    So while she didn't actually tell us that we were allowed to wet our underwear, we kinda took it that it was ok because it didn't matter....

    After that, we seemed to pee in our pants a lot when we were wearing undies or speedos outside. I remember for a while there we had a lot of nylon briefs. We must've got them for Christmas or something. We soon learned that they weren't absorbent at all, and you could pee straight through them and leave virtually no wet spot, and what little was wet seemed to dry in minutes. There was so many times we'd be playing outside like that and would just pee in our pants as we played.

    We did get caught a few times, but it was never a big deal. I remember once peeing in my speedos while sitting down, and my long pale blue t shirt was sitting on my lap. It wicked upwards very effectively, and when I stood up I had a huge wet spot on my shirt. Dad saw me, and I quickly turned the hose on and pointed it at my face, trying to look like I was trying to get a drink but was getting accidentally wet at the same time. He never mentioned it, but I know he saw me in my wet pants.

    Does anyone else remember the old style nylon underpants?

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    I don't remember nylon underpants, but certainly nylon swimming trunks. I think I got into pants wetting by peeing my swimming trunks when I was a kid. I'd come home from the pool and pee my trunks in the bathroom and then wash them out. They often went into the laundry anyway. From there I moved to cotton underwear and the rest was history, eventually leading me to this site.

    It sounds like you had a very nice mom and dad. My mom would not have been as nice about it, nor would she have allowed it to continue.

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    My underwear was always cotton until a started to occasionally wear woman's panties.

    But like Dogboy, I liked the feeling of wetting my swimsuit. I was already outside and it was easy to run through the hose if I though I might be found with a wet swimsuit.

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    I don't remember nylon undies, but I definitely liked wetting a swimsuit... but I only got to do it once at the beach where nobody would notice (yes, I was that kid).

    When I was around 10, I did end up wetting this one pair of undies a lot because it had some extra cotton in the front. I stopped after the third or fourth time because the laundry started smelling, but it was definitely fun while it lasted.

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    These are some very nice memories, makes me wish I had a sibling.

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    Several years ago I found a pair of nylon briefs for men and thought it would be a "sexy" addition to my wardrobe. They were a size too small and very uncomfortable. I never wet them though. I probably only wore them 2 or 3 times before I threw them out.

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    Hi Wombat

    I don't know, maybe it's an Australian thing, but as far as I remember here in the US boys underwear was only white and cotton, "tightie whities" (except maybe for those underoos, lol) when I was growing up, lol. I think I would have remembered seeing nylon underwear in the wash because it was always more for girls here.
    Maybe your mom liked them and your brother and you actually grew up wearing girls panties, lol.
    I'm curious now, did they have that pee flap on them like tightie whities?

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    I can remember my younger brother had some. As I have always worn diapers I did not. If I remember correctly, they were a cotton like material in the back and crotch but the front was a nylon type of material with a print of some sort on it. I do not remember the print. I can vaguely recall that on of the pair had a blue background. I do not know why I can recall that pair but remember him playing at the beach in the ocean wearing them.

    This would have been in the late 50's

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandyBear View Post
    Hi Wombat

    I don't know, maybe it's an Australian thing, but as far as I remember here in the US boys underwear was only white and cotton, "tightie whities" (except maybe for those underoos, lol) when I was growing up, lol. I think I would have remembered seeing nylon underwear in the wash because it was always more for girls here.
    Maybe your mom liked them and your brother and you actually grew up wearing girls panties, lol.
    I'm curious now, did they have that pee flap on them like tightie whities?
    Hi MandyBear.

    These were definitely boys briefs, lol. They were all very brightly coloured, with no actual pictures, but randomly splashed with colourful patterns like swirls or squares. But there was no extra lining in them. Most briefs at least have a bit of a lining sewn into the front, but these didn't, not even in the crotch or gusset area. That's why we could pee straight through them. Honestly, you could stand there and fully let go, and the pee stream would just pass right through them like they weren't there! When you finished, there would be a wet spot only an inch or two round left behind, and that dried within minutes. Because they were so colourful, the wet patch would be barely noticeable, and there was never an inner lining to show tell tale stains. I do remember that if you wore them under your shorts when swimming, and left them on too long under wet clothes, they would chafe and irritate around the legs. They were not the most comfortable thing to wear when wet, and even though they dried quick on the front, the elastic leg bands did leave a rash. After we had used our supply up, we never had them bought for us again.

    Dogboy, yes, my parents were kinda cool with it, but I have probably glossed over it a bit. They certainly didn't approve of us deliberately wetting our pants, but didn't really mind if we were playing in the pool or with the sprinkler on for example. We both had occasions where one of us had an accident and wet ourselves while not playing with the water, and this was frowned upon. We wouldn't be punished as such if we had an accident, but would certainly be told off and lectured for it. But if we were just wearing our bathing suits or undies in the yard, and we were getting wet anyway, they just sort of accepted it I guess. It was easier than having 2 dirty wet kids walking through the house to use the bathroom. They just never really made a big deal out of it.

    But we were sort of discreet about it, as much as kids can be discreet anyway. We never did it directly in front of them or made a big deal about it. I recall most times one of us would whisper to the other something like "I gotta do a wee", and the other would whisper back "just go in your pants. If you do, I will". And we would stand out of sight of them and just go as we stood there. It was a harmless little thing we did, and most times we were wet first anyway. We did go in our dry swimmers sometimes, but usually got wet first.

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