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Thread: Let's see if we canů.

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    Question Let's see if we canů.

    Name one good thing about wearing a diaper. It could be anything that makes wearing worthwhile for you. As for myself, wearing encourages me to drink more water (I normally don't drink enough) so I stay hydrated and keep my diapers "hydrated" as well.

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    You don't need to go for a bathroom break in the middle of a really good movie

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    Good one, I've done that once in a theater.

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    It helps me to feel safe, and comfy. Generally, it just helps me feel happy.

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    Masturbating is (more) fun with them.

    There are other perks to wearing, but all secondary to getting off.

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    I find that wearing diapers full time help me from thinking about wanting to be a infant all the time. I find it much easier keeping my mind on what I'm doing.

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    They're more of a regression tool and sleeping aid for me, everything else is secondary...

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    Diapers make me feel safe, are comfortable--and comforting--(like others have said), and they keep my bed or pants dry when I wet.

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