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Thread: Dry 24/7 Diapers

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    Question Dry 24/7 Diapers

    So I just received an order of 18 small dry 24/7's. (I'm a 32 waist and read they run large, thus I ordered the small size) I tried them out last night and they took about 6 good sized wettings, although after wetting the sixth time and letting it absorb I turned over on my side and found that it leaked =/. I do like these diapers, but they sagged quite a bit due to the swelling when wet. Looks like I'll have to order a pair of rubber pants to keep the leaks in. It did feel very nice to just go when I woke up and be able to stay in my nice warm bed. Any one else care to weigh in with their dry 24/7 experiences or any suggestions?

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    I don't have much of a problem with them sagging. I do back (usally) back up there tapes with my own, but that's because I am wearing these for a long time, and am not places that I could deal with a popped tape. I like how they have them sized, they work well for me. I'm probably going to make them the only disposable that I use.

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    Thanks for your reply. What kind of tape do you use? I may have been excited and rushed the diapering process a bit.

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    the mediums and larges have about the same capacity / same amount of padding, but iirc the smalls have less padding. Maybe step up to a medium for better area coverage as well as more padding/capacity? Some people don't care for wearing diapers a bit large on them, but if you need more capacity, you need more padding. Plastic pants are NOT very helpful with disposable diapers. They're meant to keep wet cloth diapers from conducting to your bedding. Since disposables are waterproof on the outside, any leaks would just roll around inside the plastic until they found their way out, since they're very unlikely to find their way back INTO the diaper to get absorbed by any remaining padding. Any significant amount of leaking rolling around inside a plastic pant WILL find its way out.

    When you took off the diaper, was the padding in the back wet all the way to the end of the padding near the rear elastic? If it was, you went past the diaper's capacity and need to either stuff, reduce wetting/fluid intake, change, or get a larger diaper. There are no other options. If the back end was dry, you leaked before reaching capacity, and might be able to just improve your taping technique. You can't wet a disposable and then immediately roll onto your side, especially if it was already wet. You have to give the padding time to wick the wetness around (which will take longer if it's already wet) and let the wetness reach dry padding and be absorbed/locked in, before you move around. Once it's locked into the sap, no amount of moving around can cause it to leak. Wet on your back, and wait up to maybe 10 minutes before rolling back onto your side. That's what I do, and I very rarely leak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fox2000 View Post
    Thanks for your reply. What kind of tape do you use? I may have been excited and rushed the diapering process a bit.
    I wear the mediums. Sometimes the tapes pop off too. I used Scotch Tough Transparent Duct Tape works great for diapers. I did not have any leaks with Dry 24/7 diapers. A little sagging is fine for me. It makes up for a thick diaper butt.

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    I gave up on Dry 24/7 after tapes popping on the first half of the bag (the second half was okay) and bought large Bellissimos (even though I am a medium, 32/35).
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    Question to those who have had tapes pop off :
    1. Did the tapes actually fall off the diaper ?
    2. Were your hands wet or oily with oils or lotions or ointments ?
    3. Do you live in a humid climate or have a humid home?

    For question one -Notify the vendor and you should get some sort of credit or replacements for the defective diapers.
    For question two your hands must be dry in order to tape the diapers on or they wont stick .
    For question three a humid climate will make you sweat and therefore make your hands wet resulting in ineffective taping results also the diaper plastic needs to be dry and powder free on the plastic for proper taping.
    A dehumidifier is in order for the above item 3.
    Just my half a cents worth of input take it with cavet emptour
    Dry 24-7 is my go to backup if Abri Form X-plus L-4 is not available. I have had them pop off on rare occassion and have received replacements very quickly from my vendor.
    Cannot wait to give the DC Amor Pink ones a try myself

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    I found the problem to be with the dry 24/7 is the plastic is super thin and tears real easy. The padding didnt seem to hold up real well either. I still like m secure X plus and bellisimo. UPS delivered the spoiled by rearz today to so I cant wait to try them out. They are probably a little more novelty though with the advertised absorption ability.

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