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Thread: Hi guys! Furry DL/toonist :3

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    Default Hi guys! Furry DL/toonist :3

    Just wanted to drop by and say hi I've been a DL since I was young, still deciding if I'll try 24/7 or not when I'm older o.o (couldnt hurt to try right?)

    Anyways, in case, if you guys would like to drop by mt artsy stuff, I upload it in my website chazes .deviantart .com (remove the spaces... first post unable to link )

    and I update a topic at a forum at FTT

    foxtalestimes. actifforum. com/fox-tales-arts-f2/limbo-artz-3-updated-02-04-09-animation-d-t7196.htm

    Its not that great :b (even though some like it, I like to say, relative to ________, its not that great... that just gives me a reason to keep drawing )

    Hope to see you guys around!

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    Welcome, I have not seen many artists on here. (Although I don't really look.) I hope you have a good time!

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    Welcome to ADISC, always great to have more artists and more experiences in varied communities!

    Hope you have fun!

    All the best!


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    Heya! Great to see another artist :3
    Hope ya enjoy your stay~

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    Welcome to Adisc!

    I really liked your drawings. it put me in that "aww to cute to be sad" state, which is really nice after a not so great day. thank you.

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    o: Heya Valerye! Awesome to see you here as well x)

    Thanks guys, and I'm really glad you liked my stuff :3

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