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Thread: Who is your favorite Paw patrol pup?

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    Default Who is your favorite Paw patrol pup?

    Because I'm such a fan and I'm not the only one I was wondering who your favorite pup is? Mine is Zuma because he loves the water and says dude like a surfer dude which is more or less like me. I love the water (despite not knowing how to swim)and I was born in Surf City USA!(Santa Cruz California) If I'd have to base it on breed alone I would say Everest because she is a husky and much cuter than Skye. Who is your favorite pup?
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    Maybe Rocky. Too bad he doesn't like water, I love it!

    Ever consider swimming lessons? I just learned last year.

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    Rocky is my sister's favorite too. I was thinking of classes but my dad always says he can teach me and I refuse to learn from him so it hasn't gone anywhere,besides I like my pooltoys too much.

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    My favorite is Marshall, cause he reminds me a lot of myself. And he's super cute!

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    I love Marshall! his clumsiness makes him adorable. the one problem is that I love Everest but I haven't seen enough of her to decide if she should be my second favorite or Marshall should.

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