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Thread: A thrill :)

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    Default A thrill :)

    I'm currently wearing Pampers diapers in the living room of my house... my stepmum is in the room too and I'm also wearing wee-smelling trousers... my goodness, the thrill is good...! I know I'm preaching to the converted lol! Maybe this might inspire others (and me!) on looking for new thrills as I often conduct mine housebound.

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    does your step mom know/care?

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    As far as I know, she doesn't know and I haven't tried to make it known to the family - she hasn't said anything (yet)!

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    Huh. I've always been afraid to buy Pampers because I was afraid the waist size and liquid capacity wouldn't be enough.
    Sounds plenty fun, though!

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    Nicely done. I believe in pushing limits as long as its not directly harming others.

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    I recall going to school diapered a few times in college. I would generally wear Luvs or Pampers and I loved wearing around others, not trying to show it off or anything, but there is a certain thrill in knowing that you are just there among others who don't even know. I guess I'd call it the thrill of being different? Even more thrilling was wetting in class, knowing that while others are squirming in their chairs I didn't have to go to the bathroom between classes

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    I can never wear around people I know. Way to nervous. I did wear pampers while on vacation once tho. XD

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    That is awesome! It is a fun thrill to wear around people that have no idea. I also saw your introduction post and I am certain you will find quite a thrill when you try wetting in public!

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    Hi again everyone! Thanks for the feedback l am afraid of putting any wee-stained/smelling trousers into the wash for fear of embarrassment, but I do my own washing lol! I can't wait to more experimental. I was afraid too of wearing diapers round people I know. Must be getting braver lol! The Pampers I wear I usually wear four at a time for extra feeling lol! When I completely wet myself, usually the diaper leaks heavily so I get the twin joy of a wet diaper and a big patch on my trousers!

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    I don't know about wearing around people I know but at some stage I think I would like to go out somewhere like a coffee shop somewhere in public where no one knows me whilst wearing. It's going to be a case of finding the right diapers to wear that people won't notice under my regular clothes.

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