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Thread: Hotel/motel incidents

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    Default Hotel/motel incidents

    I travel often for work and being a DL who always sleeps diapered (even at home) I had brought along enough diapers to get me through the trip. On this particular trip I was staying at hotel in Ohio. I don't typically leave my diaper things laying about the room and I always ensure my used wet diapers are disposed of. It's not that I'm worried about someone knowing of my wearing, I just think it's inconsiderate to expect the house keeping staff to have to handle my wet diapers. It was the 4th day of this trip and I had gotten up a little late so I was slightly rushed through my morning routine. As I packed my things for my day and I packed my wet diaper in in small bag and placed it in my bag so I could carry it out to the dumpster as I left the room. What I did forget to do was to pick up the clean folded diaper I had left laying on the bed. When I returned late that afternoon the room was made up and the diaper I had left out was placed on my pillow with a pair of my plastic pants neatly folded on top. I grinned sheepishly and thought to myself "oops!". The next morning as I was preparing to leave I decided to leave another diaper out in the open just to see what would happen. I placed this one this one on the desk as I left the room. When I returned I once again found the diaper and plastic pants on the pillow. I don't know why but for the remaining 5 days I went through the same ritual and everyday when I returned my diaper and plastic pants were on the pillow. On the last day I returned early in the afternoon and the housekeeper was in the hallway two rooms down from mine, as she came out of the room we met face to face. She was an older, motherly type women and as we passed each other she smiled knowingly but without any judgment and simply said "hello". I smiled back and said "Hi, how are you". As I entered my room she smiled with a comforting expression and said "have a good evening" ..... the next morning I was checking out and as I left the room I left her a large tip in an envelope on the pillow with a note saying "Thank you".

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    I once had diapers out on table at a hotel I was staying at for a few days with a note next it. "Its exactly what it looks like" I never did see house keeping but they kept turning the place over every day. I did leave a tip though for the trash can duty.

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    Once, I was at a AB/DL meetup during IML in Chicago. If you don't know what IML is, its International Mr. Leather, a BDSM convention of sorts. Not really my cup of tea, but a great chance to meet other AB/DLs. Anyway, there were about 6 of us in the room, all in diapers. We got dressed, picked up around the room, and went out for a bite to eat. There was a bag of diapers left out next to the bed, and I guess the housekeeper saw it. When we got back, there was a bunch of extra towels, and two sets of bed sheets left for us as well! I thought that was really cool.

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    I've stayed in hotels wearing many times. I always try to be courteous with the wet diapers and discrete with the dry ones. Even on the days when I've been a little sloppy, no one has ever said anything or done anything to make me feel "seen" or uncomfortable.
    I do try to leave a tip because it is an extra chore to take out my trash (I always put wet diapers in a separate bag sealed up - and then in the trash).

    Hotel + diapers is one of my favorite circumstances/opportunities to wear.

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    In the beginning when I started wearing 24/7 and was on travel, I always took my used diapers and threw them out in a dumbster outside the hote, however during the years. I begun to just put them in a bag and leave them in the dumbster in the hotel room.

    Eventually I got tired of trying hiding them...however I always kept my diapers and plastic pants in my suitcase (locked) didn't want anyone seeing my diaper packs.

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    When I travelled, I was often in the same hotel for multiple months. Being a bedwetter, I often had a case with me in my hotel room, with no real way to hide them. But when I booked, I often either emailed ahead, or left notes about my nocturnal issues. Usually got a room with a thick matress protector, extra bedding folded up in the closet, and a little special treatment here or there.

    There was this once instance when I was in the same place for about six months. Every day when I came back from work, my powder and wipes would be deposited neatly on the night table. My plastic pants, diaper, and booster on my pillow right next to my teddy bear. A few times I lazily left my paci out, and that was there too.

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    I've left diapers stacked in the bathroom, never been an issue. I always bag up the used ones and set them in (or next to with the impossibly small) trash.

    I always travel with my Teddy Bear. Most maids very nicely arrange him on the pillows after they make the bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    set them in (or next to with the impossibly small) trash.
    I know, right? What's the deal with hotel room trash cans? Enough space to fit a crumpled up coke can, and thats about it.

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    As a lifelong bedwetter, I have always worn a disposable with plastic pants over whenever staying in a hotel/motel/guest house/B&B or whatever, simply because I don't think it's fair to impose my bladder issues on someone else's property. On one occasion, many years ago, I stayed in a small bed & breakfast guest house which was run by a woman on her own, except for a cook and cleaner.

    One evening I returned to my room to find, like others have said above, my plastic pants folded on my pillow. I was absolutely mortified. I could not recall what had happened that morning, but obviously I had not put them in my bag as I normally would have done.

    Nothing was ever said, either on that occasion or subsequent times when I stayed there. I'm sure that they see some pretty weird things, so my plastic pants weren't worth comment.

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    That is so great of the room keeping! That story made my day!

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