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    A few weeks ago, I finally decided that i'd quit beating around the bush and buy myself some diapers to try online! Its very hard for me to buy little things given my situation, so something like this was very stressful to think about it no matter how much I wanted to. But after some encouragement from my now ex boyfriend, who was very supportive of my kinks, I decided I would do it. My main concern was shipping, I wanted to be absolutely sure there would be nothing on the box that would give away what was inside. Along with where I would buy them. I have very bad social anxiety and I rarely go out, when I do, its with my grandma (I live with my grandparents and younger sister.) So obviously this was going to be hard! Everywhere I looked online shipping costed an arm and a leg, me being from Canada and all.

    I DID manage to find a pretty good Canadian site called rearz, and ordered myself some molicares. I really wanted to get some goodnites since they were discreet and cute, but its hard to find them online and they cost sooo much. I can't buy from amazon since the only way I can order online is from paypal so that was kind of a bummer. But I couldn't find any so I settled on this well known brand.

    I was so excited when the package arrived, a little frightened over the box size though, I don't want anyone getting suspicious!!! I couldn't wait for everyone to go to bed that night so I could be by myself in my room to try these on! When I did, man, it felt so great. I laid down on my bed and sprinkled on some baby powder and taped myself up snug into the diaper. I think I might of cried a bit maybe?? I was so comfy and happy and it just felt so relaxing and I felt so safe. And when I wet them for the first time I felt so warm and small and it was great.

    The diapers are pretty comfy, though a little too tight between the legs when you tape up the bottom tab on each side. They were also really crinkly and big, another reason why I wanted goodnites, because I didn't want the crinkly-ness or how it showed under my pajama's in my situation.

    I would probably wait a long time before I bought them again, I have a lot left still, since there were 12 diapers I think? I only wear them every now and then, since that would take the fun out of it for me if I wore them often.

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    Glad you had a good experience. My first time buying diapers online was as stressful as you described. I had a small window of opportunity to get the package without anyone else seeing it. It barely came in time and I remember opening the package and just being mesmerized. It is always fun to see other folk's first experiences so thanks for sharing!

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