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    Default Finally got a ref

    So i finally got a ref sheet! Artwork by Kalida.Click image for larger version. 

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    Ohh. Sweet! I still need to have a reference sheet made. Yours is really cool. I love space too

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    I am curious what something like that is used for?
    I have like NO real knowledge of the Furry world.
    But the thread name "got a ref" made me think of a referee and wonder why you would need one, lol.

    And while I'm here asking questions

    You like diapers (DL) and you're a babyfur so do you wear diapers under the furry suit or over or both? Sorry for being so clueless.
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    Ref sheets are used by other artists to know what a character looks like for later works.

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    Yeah, Mandybear. It's just to show others (mainly artists) your character. I'm not too knowledgeable about the furry world myself either. I've closet admired the artwork for a while and i have quite a few friends who are furries (in rl and internetland) so i decided to get a ref of my character for funsies.

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    It is adorable! I love it - thanks for sharing! I'll have to look into ref cards!

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