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Thread: Any other autistic mommies out there?

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    Default Any other autistic mommies out there?

    I've read a lot about babies who have autism spectrum disorders, but I have never read about abdl mommies with AS. My boyfriend noticed I was on the spectrum ever since we started dating (I was never officially diagnosed, but a therapist I saw briefly my freshman year of college said I probably have it).

    Our relationship dynamic started out as daddy/baby girl, but it evolved into mommy/baby boy. Having AS makes it difficult for me to assert myself as a mommy. I have no trouble being assertive and nurturing towards my little one, but it is difficult to feel like a caregiver when I struggle with so many simple things. Are there any other mommies on the spectrum out there who could share their experiences and/or offer advice?

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    could you expand on 'struggle with so many things'?

    I have aspergers/ADHD myself and while likely not as experienced haven't had any issues being peoples Mommy in any capacity, except that I still always yearn for my own time (reversal of the situation) when doing so.

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    To elaborate, I'm not methodical in a lot of my physical actions (i.e. washing dishes, shaving and nappying my little one) and I lack common sense. Here are most of the symptoms I have. I found the list on

    •Avoidance of eye contact
    •Staring at others
    •Unusual facial expressions
    •Abnormal posture
    •Inability to recognize changes in speech tone and pitch, which could change the meaning of what the person is saying
    •Speaking in a monotone voice
    •Intolerance for changes in routine
    •Lack of social skills
    •Difficulty starting or maintaining social interactions
    •Difficulty taking turns talking (dominates conversations)
    •Difficulty reading other people's body language
    •Advanced language skills for his age
    •Talking a lot about certain topics with which he has a preoccupation
    •Verbalizing internal thoughts
    •Delayed motor development
    •More interested in parts of items than the whole item
    •Hypersensitivity to lights, textures, tastes, noises and other stimuli (also known as sensory integration dysfunction)

    Hope that helps!

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    I am not a Mommy, but I have Asperger's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy, and another Adult Baby with Asperger's sees me as a "long-distance daddy".

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