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Thread: What got you into diapers?

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    Default What got you into diapers?

    For me it was being forced to wear diapers up until the age of 13. I wanted an alarm that would sound when I wet, but my mother didn't think it would be fair to my brother (we shared a room) so for his well being I had to wear diapers to bed. Of course I went through puberty while having them around, I think that coupled with the feeling of "safety" from my parents anger of a wet bed is why I am into the fetish today. Also, I have a distinct memory of having to sleep in a crib at about 5 years old at a friends house incase I wet. What got the rest of you into diapers, or kept you from getting completely out of them?

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    I recall (and I've been told) that I was a difficult one to potty train. I can remember being chastised for not using the potty. I think these moments of pressure early in my life lead me to associate diapers as a safe place wherein I wasn't exposed to a stressful environment. I feel strongly this is why I got into diapers because as I started to become interested in diapers again in my teenage years I found that my feelings towards diapers increased substantially during stressful periods of time. I still feel that way today. As for diapers though I have always felt the want and desire to wear and be around diapers ever since I was potty trained. I guess I could never let them go. It wasn't until my teenage years that the interest got highly ignited - probably on account of puberty. Needless to say, I've never had any interest other than the occasional purge cycle to put them down/stop wearing.

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    I really can't say I have any reason for it in particular... its just been something that has intrigued me from a young age since having been potty trained... and it was always sexual... it has always been something I wanted to explore more since somewhere around the age of 7... idk... im just me...

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    I was adopted but not until I was two years old. I think I may have spent some time in an adoptive orphanage, so I've wondered how potty training was happening. I know I was still in diapers when my adoptive parents received me. I do know that by the time I was 4, I wanted to be back into diapers, and by the time I was 6, I was acting on it. It's been sexual for me and it's still a strong desire.

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    for me it was when I was around 4 year old. that when I sister was born.

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    For me it was present as far back as my memories go. My parents have told me that I potty-trained early, so I have no memory of being in diapers as a child. I'd just fantasize about them as early as age 3-4 and never stopped. I used to lie in bed at night imagining there was some robot or machine where I could just type stuff in and I'd be able to set my level of potty training or make myself have to go really bad. I also do have memories of being on the playground and seeing little kids taken over to a bench to be changed and I wanted to watch it just to see the diaper.

    But, there was no trigger and no real reason why. It has just always been with me.

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    Another one X3 I muuuuuuuust comment

    Long story short, I just fantasized about them when I was 12 and tried them till I was caught and urge left at 13. Came back at 17 when i remembered a good story and here I am as a baby Snivy at the age of 2 1/2

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    Well for me it was simply the only kind of therapy I could get access to for the longest time because I could not see a real therapist.(failures in the system as far as getting a diagnosis for Higher functioning autism as well as my own family not knowing what they where doing) I needed a way to relax because of all the abuse I was catching from my parents (age 13) and high school at the same time because everyone thought I was not good enough for much of anything. I never acted on it until I was 16 and had a car to hide the diapers in. (mom and dad did random searches of my room just because they felt like it so I had to use the car to hide them).

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    I was the middle child. I was 4 when my younger brother was born. My parents tell me that I was a complete dick to him, and I was always jealous of the attention he got. I'm pretty sure it was just watching my parents with the baby that pushed me into this lifestyle.

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    I took an arrow to the knee and after that everything was diapers and pacifiers.


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