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Thread: Sudden inspiration to be drawn to opposite gender outfits?

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    Default Sudden inspiration to be drawn to opposite gender outfits?

    So for the past few years I have been growing my wardrobe of baby outfits and the like. Pajamas, onesies, play outfits, training pants, etc. All of them had one common theme. They are for boys. And while gender wise I identify with a boy and don't have any appreciable desire to identify with girls, I felt the wardrobe was missing something.

    A couple of months ago I ordered some pink training pants with different prints to replace some of the worn out blue printed ones I have. A little while later I wore out a onesie that I would wear primarily at night and replaced it for one with pink hearts and stars over the blue tug boat theme.

    And last month, something was guiding my hand to buy an outfit that made it impossible to hide a diaper but had to be super adorable and set aside for very special occasions. I had it custom made with a diaper cover and while it is blue, it is pretty sissy. Bows and ruffles galore.

    I send a selfie to a friend and he comes back "Dude, you look like a little girl, is that what you were going for?" I responded, with not really, I just really love the way it looks! He inquired about the new onesie and training pants (I wear training pants over diapers sometimes) I replied that I liked the design didn't really think that just because some things are pink it didn't make me any less of a little boy.

    Now bear in mind my friend is straight and not into diapers at all but he is a realist, we've been friends for a long time and i'm very open around him, and drops this on me. "All the time you spend playing baby your always a good little boy, you never pout, get dirty, fuss or do anything little boys do. (He has two kids a boy and a girl so he speaks from experience) "Whenever I think baby and you, I see princess" "You should probably try playing the part sometime"

    Interesting statement I think. I don't have a strong desire to identify with girls but do have a desire to add girly stuff to the wardrobe. Anybody else feel similar or act on the sissy thing even though they are clearly comfortable with their gender?

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    I'm a biological female, and am OK with that for the most part, but I too sometimes imagine myself roleplaying as a male toddler. But anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about your choice of baby clothes - if you think it's cute, wear it!

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    Indeed, just as Kimba said if you're comfortable with it then it's ok don't worry about it, In my case I wouldn't mind having something cute like that

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    It sounds cute

    Besides a long time ago in a galaxy far far away Pink was for Boys and Blue was for Girls.
    And Boys wore dresses and had long hair till they went off to school.

    So you are just dressing the same way your great granddaddy dressed, or got dressed, lol.

    Here is a fun read, and a history lesson to boot too When-Did-Girls-Start-Wearing-Pink

    Plus like this one, cause FDR was sooooooo Cute!!! Was-fdr-born-that-way
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    I have seen some mom dress there baby in opposite clothing, and the baby's don't know are care what there wearing when there under a year old.
    cloth doesn't change who you are. you are who are .
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    All great stuff! I kept thinking back about black and white pictures i've seen where boys were in dress style clothing.

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    Technically, I'm a male, but I really strongly identify as a female in a lot of the things I do and it's been that way since childhood, I just didn't know what it was called or that it even existed.

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    I am a male and I love to wear pink and frilly clothing especially when I'm in baby mode. If you like and if you feel comfortable doing it then go ahead and do it and be happy.

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    I guess in the reality of things a baby being dressed in opposite gender clothing doesn't really know, care, or have a choice. Thats my buy out excuse and im sticking to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyblueblanket View Post
    Thats my buy out excuse and im sticking to it.
    Good For You!

    Besides why should douchey guys with fake tans, more hair products then most girls and ridiculous "popped" collars be the only guys that wear pink.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    PS: Don't be this guy! LOL!

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