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Thread: Destiny PS4 Guardians

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    Default Destiny PS4 Guardians

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry if this is a repost, but through my searches I didn't see a thread with these same specifics.

    Anyone playing Destiny on PS4? - I just hit lvl 34 on my first and second characters. Really enjoying House of Wolves.

    Feel free to leave your class and gamertag if you want to raid / play through the Prison of Elders arena sometime.


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    What time are you normally on? I'm on EST, and I can be on from 7am-12pm. Weekends are a no go till my job stops forcing us to work 6 day weeks.

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    I'm lvl33 lock - hoping to make some etheric light from iron banner this week. I'm UK on GMT... Just got a mic and will be playing this weekend

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    Maybe we can plan something down the road. How's your exotic collection coming along?

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    You still looking for players? If so let me know! Still trying to find people for the raids

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