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Thread: Incon. by age?

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    Default Incon. by age?

    Okay, what age/stage do you think it is most hard to deal with being incontinent? IT also depends on what type you have ie: Bladder or Bowel. Also what gender you are plays a role in it too. So, what stage and type is the hardest and easiest to deal with?


    Bladder and Bowel



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    I think it's hard at any age, but your school years will probably be the worst, since there is a lot of pressure in society. Not to be sexist, but girls will probably have even more difficulty, as they tend to be more concerned about how they look.

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    True and how they smell and if you smell like urine and(...) well...that is a recipie for disaster

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    I can't imagine any school age would be a good year. I know I hated myself for deliberately doing what I did, as I didn't know why I was driven toward it. But I kept it hidden and no one knew for a long time. So I can imagine how hard it must be for kids who wake up wet every morning. At least there's a little more acceptance with products like Goodnites, and their commercials being on television.

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    id have to say school years

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    Well certainly school age would be amongst the most difficult time to deal with incontinence, and bowel would be worse certainly. As for an easier age, well, physically it's never easy to deal with, and actually I would assume it would be physically more difficult for an older person to deal with. However, on a social level, it would be easier to deal with as an older person.

    I'll put it like this, a younger person likely would not need assistance in changing their diapers, disposing of used ones, or procuring them from a store. Myself for example, it wouldn't be all that difficult to deal with on a physical level, I can easily change, buy them from a store, dispose of them, etc. However, socially, I'd say most people would expect an older person to become incontinent as a sign of old age, whereas for a younger person, it's not as common. Add that to the fact that someone in school would likely stand some ridicule, it could be difficult for sure.

    Also, degree of incontinence plays a major role as incontinence is really measured in "degrees", not an all or nothing type thing. As for me personally, most of you already know, but I deal with an extremely mild urinary drip and I'm young-ish. It barely affects anything, though it does require me to wear a guard during the day. Nobody knows, it's extremely discreet and not an issue in the least. If it was more severe, and I'm glad it's not, well then I'm sure it would force me to have to make some lifestyle changes. So yeah, that's my opinion.

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    Good golly goodness! How would my skinny jeans look in I was incontinent!
    I think I would die

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandy Cullen View Post
    Good golly goodness! How would my skinny jeans look in I was incontinent!
    I think I would die
    You probably wouldn't be wearing skinny jeans, and it wouldn't be that obvious depending on what you wear.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think middle school and high school would be the worst years to be incontinent. Teens can be exceedingly cruel.

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