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    Hi, I'm a fairly shy person I'm married with two children. I work part time in the health care industry, however I enjoy most of all being a homemaker. I have a fairly large garden and grow everything from seed and really enjoy canning.

    I am a female adult baby

    Other things I enjoy are cooking, sewing, dancing and watching movies.

    I am here for support and talking with like minded people.

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    Welcome to the community! I think you will find this to be a wonderful place as I have in the past few days.

    It is also nice to see someone else who enjoys gardening and canning. I grew up doing this stuff and I love it. No better way to feel accomplished in my opinion than to look upon the food you've grown and preserved. And what a way to save money too! I need to take up a little bit of sewing myself because it comes in handy!

    But again, welcome and hope you get what you're looking for here!

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    Thank you for the warm greeting shibapawz. I agree and something home canned tastes so much better than anything from a can in stores. I'm looking forward to using a dehydrator this year as well.

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    You'll love the dehydrating! Our family has done it for years. Dehydrated foods will literally last forever when they are put in the freezer. I keep a deep freezer just for this reason!

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    My mom started dehydrating various fruits several years ago. I will admit that I enjoy having them as well. I would sometimes use her machine to make some homemade fruit-rollups. I was partial to having Strawberry pieces. My mom really enjoyed having apples, which I actually like the dehydrated apples more than the fresh ones....weird...I know...

    - - - Updated - - -

    We cut the apples into slices, and then dehydrate them. I don't want someone to think we were dehydrating entire apples whole.

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    Dehydrated apples are the BEST! And my mom used to make us fruit rollups with flavored apple sauce when we were kids!

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    Hi, and Welcome. Not into gardening myself, but LOVE garden grown veggies. There is nothing like tomatos fresh off the vine. You know another thing I love - picking and eating fresh strawberries. My grandmother used to make the best home made strawberry jam. Yummm.

    So, I'm just curious, how are you able to integrate being an AB into being married and being a mother with two kids? Do you have to hide it from them, or are you able to be open about some aspects of it?

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    hi and well come. I'm a garden to I love to grow my own veggies, the last couple of years I have been using glacial rock dust and have had much better veggies ever since. I also have a variety of fruit trees to.
    and you will find a lot of nice people here to chat with to.

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    yum dehydrated apples slices sound really good. luckily strawberry picking season is almost here!

    Little2Roo- my kids are still really young 1 and 3 so it's not much a problem right now, I just do AB activities after they are asleep, however when they are older I think it will be a bit more difficult to coordinate.

    DannyBBaby - really? glacial rock dust, interesting I haven't heard of that before. fruit trees are so nice. We have some as well but they aren't of fruit bearing age yet. Though there are a few wild plum trees in the area, which made a really yummy jam.

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    Hey BabyMoonFox nice little entré into the forum, well done. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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