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    First, Iím still trying to find my way through the elaborate hallways and tunnels of this site. Thereís a lot here. Second, I wonder whether I fit in, given my age and the preponderance of youth here.

    I am semi-retired and do some volunteer work. (Try raising money for charities in these hairy economic times!)

    In the diaper department, I wear the same type of 21-by-40 flat cotton gauze I started out with some 60 years ago. Iím not much into pooping or peeing, but rather enjoy the comfort and odd sense of security that diapers provide.

    Iíve wondered over the years why I started this peculiar habit and why I persist in it. Maybe some folks here have a clue.

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    Yay Virginia. You're probably the oldest member here, but there are plenty of other members around your age

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    Welcome to the site

    I wouldn't worry overmuch about your age; you're certainly not the only over 20 around. As long as you can be wise, mature, fascinating, knowledgeable, adroit, compelling, funny, clever, and faster than a speeding bullet, you should do just fine here.

    Okay, I might be overselling the minimum requirements just a tad. Just be a good guy, that's generally enough.

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    Welcome to ADISC. Don't worry, there are plenty of you "old people" here. I'm sure you'll fit in fine. Besides, now we have someone else to tell us about the "good old days."

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    Yeah, they're pretty damnd tired having to listen to me going on and on and on and on and...... Anyway, we are a diverse group of all ages, so it really matters little, Besides, the younger ones are smarter than we are, and they'll help you with your computer! In return, we tell them what it was like to bring down a woolly mammoth with just a spear. You have done that, .....right?

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    It's my plan to live forever ... so far so good.

    Welcome CurityGuy

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    Welcome to ADISC. I'm always glad to hear from folks more experienced than myself, especially regarding infantilism or being ab/dl. Looking forward to conversations with you.

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    Welcome to ADISC and it's always nice to see a refreshing and well written intro post for once. No one is to old or to young to hang out here and I'd like to welcome you with...A tobacco pipe and some slippers? *Cough.*

    Either way. Welcome to ADISC and enjoy your first Rep point for a nice intro post. ^_^

    All the best!


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    Well, age don't matter. You can be 90 outside but 30 inside. I know a guy who is 61 years old, but because he is taken good care of himself like exercise and healthy food, he does not look older than 45. Without the gray hair he would look 40 years old.

    So welcome and don't be shy because of your age. :-)

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