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Thread: Two luxuries in life; an awesome shower and a cozy bed.

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    Default Two luxuries in life; an awesome shower and a cozy bed.

    :bunny: Two luxuries in life; an awesome shower and a cozy bed.

    I’ve wanted to start a thread on cozy beds, so here goes. Even in folk lore/fairy tales, a comfortable bed was often a central feature Sleeping Beauty, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, Red Riding Hood and of course, The Princess and the Pea.

    We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so how we sleep and where we sleep and what we sleep on should be a top priority. So here's our ideal bedding arrangement, that has evolved over the years.

    Our bed consists of the following features:

    Cherry Wood Sleigh Bed Headboard

    King Size Pillow Top Mattress

    King Size Down Feather Bed (4” Loft)

    King Size Dual Control Mattress Heater Pad

    King Size Sheets (Fleece or Flannel for winter, Jersey knit for summer)

    King Size Micro-fiber Blankets (Two)

    King Size Down Comforters with Duvet Covers (Two)

    Six to Nine Down/Feather Pillows

    When we travel (for tent camping we have an inflatable king size mattress) we always carry/use the other items listed above (with the exception of the heated mattress pad).

    So how about you? What is your ideal bedding situation? If you don't like what you currently have, what would your dream bed consist of? :bunny:
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    My bed is pretty old. Well the bed itself is several years old, but the mattress is very old. My bed is a loft bed (think of a bunk bed, with just a top bunk), so I'm up in the air. Since my mattress is old, I'd pretty much worn it down (it's a foam one), so you can feel the wood across the bottom holding the mattress and me up. If I could get any bed I wanted, I think I would like to get a Temperpedic type bed. As far as my pillow goes, it's also a foam one. I like it firmish, so it can hold my head up somewhat, but mine doesn't like to poof back up. So it ends up flattening more and more until I turn it around or something. For blankets, I always, always have my Toy Story blanket. It's just so soft, that it would feel weird to have anything else touching me. I always have some of it between my legs, because I don't like my legs touching (and I sleep on my right side usually).

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    wait... what about the shower part?

    I would SO spend the money to have an awesome shower installed in my home.

    like this

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    My bed right now is a twin sized bed, perfect for me, but I never sleep in it. And my ideal bed... would be a crib! hehehe

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    I like to sleep on the floor. And for showering? A bucket of cold cold water. Mmmm

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    A mattress and bedding are a few of the things I personally believe apply to the "cost is no object" scenario.

    Just last week Chris and I got this bed from ikea:

    And this mattress from Bobs:

    And although we went from a king to a queen (had to... the king was just too big for our bedroom), we're very happy. Best $1k I've spent in a while. The memory foam mattress makes you sleep like a baby. All our sheets are 600tc, and we've got a thick Ralph Lauren down comforter (with a cute Polo bear on it).

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    I did go with a pretty good quality bed, in fact it actually is the most expensive piece of furniture I own. I got it last summer, I went with a queen size, I would have got a King, but that would be a bit too big for my room. I went with one of the softest beds I could find. I know most people like a firm bed, but I wanted something really cushy, so that's what I have. I got a nice matching bedset which I like. I kept it all in mountain/adirondack style to keep in step with my style of decor, as I have an absolutely awesome view of Lake Champlain and Mt. Mansfield (6th largest lake in U.S. and tallest mountain in Vermont respectively) and I didn't want my decor to clash with the natural environmental beauty.

    Also, I have my bed outfitted with my electric blanket so it's nice and warm on those cold winter nights. It's so comfortable.

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    I've never slept in a really comfortable bed. My matress is full of springs that poke up into my back. My bedframe sagging in the middle too. I have a case of beer propping it up. Wish I had a waterbed. But i really don't care. Give me a sleeping bag and leave me on the beach and I'll be fine.

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