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Thread: Looking for a good pull up style that fits my needs

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    Default Looking for a good pull up style that fits my needs

    I am having trouble with the occasional bed wetting. I generally sleep on my chest at night and I tend to sleep heavily. Sometimes I do have accidents at night and mess up my PJs and bed in which frustrates me.

    So I am looking for a solution to my problem to keep me dry on those occasional nights. I am a male and I generally wear a size LG-XL about a 40-42 pants size. I am prefering a pull up as I don't want to deal with taping and untaping or even breaking the tape when I do need to use the bathroom. I don't want anythimg light either like the Depends in which I have been told can only hold a 16 oz soaking if you are lucky. When I go it is slighly more than that. (But I don't belive I pee that heavily when I do have an accident) Also consider the fact I do sleep on my chest and I saw on other posts that may pose a problem.

    Any Suggestions for a solution that would help with my problem?

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    I have to say that pull ups ate generally not good for night time because they have very little protection specifically up front. Thats not good for tummy sleepers.

    I have seen plenty of goods reviews for the North shore brand of pull ups. They absorb more than typical pull ups.

    As for tape on diapers, If you find a brand like Bambino Biancos (plain white) that have a taping panel, they allow for multiple tape applications. They won't rip the plastic cover and make the diaper more pliable.

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    Stomach-sleeping is really going to require a diaper with good coverage high in front. As Metal above said, that's almost impossible to find in a pull-up. The safest bet is going to be a tape-on brief, with high padding in the front. You can get this by going oversize on your diaper if you find a brand you like but that doesn't go high enough in the front. MOST (but not all) diapers extend padding upward in their larger sizes. (some just add more dead plastic front/back and make the wings longer) The problem is simply that you're only using the front of your diaper, and a small part of the crotch. More padding up front is the only solution.

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