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Thread: I need help finding a new diaper

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    Default I need help finding a new diaper

    ***** I will add any important updates (stuff I've forgotten) to the bottom of this post *****

    Hi Everyone

    I think the title says it all, lol, but here are my details too.

    For those that don't know me, I am night time IC (a bed wetter).
    I have been using a store brand since the beginning and they pretty much have always done their job for me.
    Figure they're probably about the same as the Depends plastic ones I guess.

    Well about 2 months back they stopped selling them in Med (Arrgggggg!!!!) Not Happy!
    So I have been buying the Large size, and while they "work" they are way too tall on me.
    If I don't fold them over/down they come up to just a few inches below my boobs, lol.
    I'm sorry, but I do not feel this is a good look on me, lol. Seriously.

    I've had my "usual" problems with them, sagging, leaks, sleeping on my side, ect.
    I'm guessing I would probably get about the same experience out of those depends.
    Having to wear a diaper AND waking up to a wet spot will seriously make a girl loose her shit!

    So my "wish list" for a diaper is pretty minimal.
    1) Plastic backed is a must! (I so do not like cloth backed at all. for reasons.)
    Also, No cloth sides either, haven't liked what I've read about them.

    2) Preferably White. Just because they are easier to hide, but not a deal breaker.
    I sorta don't mind if they have writing or wetness indicators, but prefer they didn't.

    3) Thicker is fine (my current brand is not very thick, but also not that great either )
    But not Oh my Gawd there is a rolled up towel between my legs thick, lol.

    4) I do at times wear during the day (mostly home and mostly by myself).
    I have also been out wearing one and I don't really want to be buying ones for day and night.
    I already have problems with my wardrobe hiding them as it is.
    Even "loose" fitting clothes on a girl are still pretty form fitting compared to what guys get to wear, lol.
    So ya this is definitely a concern. Especially after my recent daytime problems.

    5) Price. I've been paying under $1 per diaper (Yes I know you get what you pay for, lol)
    So, as inexpensive as possible (while doing a better job) would really be nice.

    6) I would like to avoid any babyish/childish types of prints. (for two reasons*)
    I do have have to say those Pink ones, and the ones with the teddy bears all over them are absolutely adorable!
    *I really can't justify spending more on something just because its cute.
    *Besides that, I really don't need to be giving my friends/family any more to talk about.

    That is about it. So peoples, help me find my new favorite diaper.
    Once I find something I like I seriously tend to stick with it, that is till they change it or discontinue it like make-up companies just love to do! Grrr! lol

    *** UPDATE ***
    Until coming here I really had no clue about all these different brands and its sort of mind numbing trying to figure out what is what and what's good and not, the best place (cheapest) to buy them, ect. ect. So Ya I need help.

    *** UPDATE #2 ***
    I forgot to add that discrete shipping is a MAJOR plus!!!
    I do not live in a house, so I do not feel like having everyone know I wear diapers.
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    You might try Dry Comfort? The medium is all white, plastic backed and not tremendously thick. You can also find them fairly expensively online & in some local stores.
    Best price & service I've found for these diapers, is from Magic Medical (
    Cases of 96 diapers cost $52.50, so that's $0.54 per diaper!!

    best of luck in your quest MandyBear

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    You said you don't like cloth sides, but I use Molicare Comfort Plus diapers. Plastic backed, but breathable sides. Pretty good diaper, at a good cost. I buy mine from I get a case of 96 for about $75 including shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyCorry View Post
    You said you don't like cloth sides, but I use Molicare Comfort Plus diapers.
    I would not have a problem giving them a try, but I've heard here that the sides tend to stretch after wearing them a while.
    Not a good thing for a sometimes very restless (tossing and turning) bed wetter

    Also I really can't afford to be experimenting a whole lot, so I would rather just stick to all plastic backed ones.

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    Try Dry 24/7 diapers they are plastic backed and comfortable, I have gone through 3 cases and have been happy with them (I use Ducktape to re enforce the tapes)
    I have switched to Abena L4 airplus for the summer but still use the dry 24/7's on cooler nights and some times out and about

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    The only point you are going to have a problem with is "cheap". You have to give up features for low cost. Dry24/7's Confidry are a good choice otherwise but aren't too cheap. They're plastic, all white, thick, and comfortable though. If you think you can get by with a thick low-sap diaper that doesn't have leak guards, (the wicking is really good so they do just fine for me overnight on my back) you should look at XP Medical's A+. Get the level 4's. Again, plastic, all white, thick, a bit lower capacity, but much lower cost.

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    If you want generic white, all plastic, and a high performance then you should consider Confidry 24/7. They are the most absorbent product I know of (including specialty AB diapers like Bambino). They are also not loud, which will help you during the day. Abena M4 would also be a cheaper and slightly less optimal choice.

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    I'd recommend the Tranquility ATN - they're not nearly as thick or large or expensive as many of the "premium" diapers, but they are still much better than Depends and plastic-backed. I found them at Northshore Care online for $79.95 for a case of 84 Mediums. That's probably about the best price you'll find.

    There's also the Tranquility Slim Line Original Briefs that are plastic-backed in size Medium and Large. They are more comparable to Depends, though still slightly better, with a plastic backing for $64.95 for a case of 84 mediums. Just be sure not to get the Breathable Backing of these.

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    Try the Select branded one by Tranquility. Those are my go-to ones when I want to where plastic-backed.

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    Try the Select branded one by Tranquility. Those are my go-to ones when I want to wear plastic-backed.

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