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Thread: Adult Sized Pull Ups: Wish List

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    Default Adult Sized Pull Ups: Wish List

    Like many here, I remember when Pull Up diapers, through Huggies I think, first came out on the market. I was still young enough to wear them back then, and I think I tried one once, but I was too fixated on diapers. Then, in college, when I read somewhere about the fit of Goodnights, with the XL/Jumbo sized, I gave them a try and loved them. However, even though I'm not well endowed or have a large frame (5'5", 154 lbs), they were very tight, enough to really squash the goods a bit; not really comfortable. Since I don't like to wet or mess my diapers, I never wear when I'm out of the house for extended periods of time. It's these times, though, that I wouldn't mind wearing a Pull-Up, as it would make bathroom breaks alot easier and would be more discreet than a regular diaper while still providing that great feeling. I'd have to say that Huggies Pull-Ups were my favorites, mostly because of the jingle. I'm a sucker for clever advertising, but then again they were always my favorite diaper brand anyways. I really wish some company would make adult-sized replicas of those, because all the adult pull-ups out there just plain suck. They don't fit the same, with the granny/frilly cloth (I'm not sure how best to describe it), and the padding doesn't even come close to taking me back to those days.

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    its truly the one part of the AB/DL market not yet tapped into, partly because the cost of getting machines and a factory to make them, it would require tons of money

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    There was an ab site I thought that sold adult sized training pants, in both cloth and disposable. I can't remmembor it's name tho.

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    any reason any of these don't work for you? They've got quite an impressive selection of adult pullups (their FlexSupreme are quite good)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatPullUpsKid88 View Post
    My friend, there are many of us on here like you that would love for this to happen. Unfortunately many of the companies do not yet see an need for this in an already niche demographic.

    I believe they are truly clueless as to how many people want this, Especially for those born in the late-1980s, such as myself.

    I think it could happen. But it's gonna take some louder voices and much more convincing for Bambino, ABU, Fabine or even Snuggies to take a risk and at least do a test product to see how we will receive it

    Anyplace ABDLs gather has an open thread or discussion that at least covers this if it's not the primary purpose. I think any ABDL company would find it impossible to miss that there is a nontrivial level of interest in products like that. The new ABU is wholly ABDL owned and operated. They know this well. If it's feasible, they or someone else will do it.

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    I think we've got enough players in the market now to realize "hey, there's a solid market here, maybe we should sell to them?" and it's quite likely we'll continue (for awhile at least) to see new faces. Until the bubble bursts / the market gets a bit too flooded with supply, and recoils. But there will certainly be a few left standing if that happens, and they'll be stronger. A free-market operating like it's supposed to is a win-win for the retailer/consumer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatPullUpsKid88 View Post
    What would be the best way to communicate with them? I know many on here including myself have been inquiring about this for a while. I know I'd like to see movement on it. And do you think they would be open to ideas for designs?
    The new owner has posted here and has given his email address as [email protected], so that might be a fair start. They're also active on Twitter (@ABUDiapers).

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    The elastic is the missing link here. Otherwise, I bet we'd already have an AB/DL pull-up. Nobody wants that granny panty stuff, though. Up until the latest GoodNites came out, I didn't think the flat, kid-style elastic found on Pull-Ups and GoodNites could make the leap to adult sizes. Now I'm convinced that it can, although it's quite likely the stuff we see on GoodNites is proprietary and not the sort of thing that the average Chinese diaper company can buy a spool of.

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    Yeah lol they all have frilly stuff on em everywhere and the ones that dont dont even have full padding

    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    any reason any of these don't work for you? They've got quite an impressive selection of adult pullups (their FlexSupreme are quite good)

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