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Thread: Drynites UK 2015

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    Default Drynites UK 2015

    Have any of my fellow UK DL's who like me love drynites
    Noticed anything diffrent recently ??
    I say this because we are all waiting for the goodnites 25% strechier sides to arrive and I yesterday opened a new packet of drynites from my local store to find they pulled on a lot easier and seemed streachier than normal
    Has anyone else noticed this ???
    Could it be they've started using new sides before theve used all the old middles up ?
    Could we be about to see the re design of 2015 ??

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    the strechy sides have been out for a while apparently perhaps they just rolled em out there? check the thread linked above

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    That's in the US nothing has been mentioned about when the UK might get them

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