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Thread: first time outside wet

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    Default first time outside wet

    so just as the name says i went to the store wet today it was nice but hot out
    but people did not noticed and it was nice i was wearing goodnites and was scared of leaking but was fine also if your thinking of doing so body spray works well
    what was it like for you being wet in public for the first time

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    My first time, was wearing a goodnight or walgreens equivalent; while on vacation at a beach while rideing a bike. I to was worried about leaking, but it didn't, and it was great XD
    Next day I walked wearing a pampers cruisers /s 7 and also went great.

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    It's hard to say when the first time I went outside wet was. I probably went to the store or somewhere else that I needed to go but didn't bother to change since it wasn't a huge obligation or anything. It was rare enough just wearing around others.

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    I think my first was out on the bike trail and the sun was beginning to set. It was dusk, no one could tell, I was wearing a wet cloth diaper and nylon bike shorts and it felt wonderful. I rode my bike home and felt great.

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    The first time I wet outside was in my yard and I was wearing a swimsuit.

    The first time I wore a diaper (Depends) and wet in public, was a shopping trip to Target. I peed while in the store and check-out line and then pooped on my way out of the store (I then went straight home to change).

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    i like a underjam inside the goodnite for daily use can go a few times without leaking..

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    I can not remember my first time but I do remember my first time wearing a bambino diaper on a long car ride. It took about 7 hours to get to the place we were going. I had such a hard time trying to pee in the diaper while setting in the car. When we got close to the final destination we made a stop at a gas station I went into the restroom and into the first stall. It was a perfect setup because there was a trash can inside the stall so I just took the diaper off and put it in the trash it even had a lid so no one would see it. If you ever need to go on a long car ride I highly recommend trying that.

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    My first time wet was when I woke up late on the last day of school and decided to just go to class padded. Stressful as beat-all; I didn't enjoy it at all. I don't think I'd wear in public by choice again.

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    For me it was going to the local shops, I've done it 2-3 times but never anywhere else

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    My first times of wearing in public, then wearing wet in public, then actually wetting in public, as well as wearing to bed, all came together during an interstate work trip. I was attending a 3 day course by myself, and had 3 nights by myself at a hotel in Melbourne.

    The first night there I bought a pack of Depends diapers, the style with the button up elastic strips on the sides. On my first night I went out for dinner, let myself get desperate, then went back to my room to diaper up and wet myself a few times before bed. That night I wore a diaper to bed for the first time since age 10, and even managed to wet it a little bit as I lay there.

    The second night I decided to go exploring. So I put one on underneath my black dress pants, and went out for dinner, but didn't use it at first. I went back to my room, planning on wetting it, then changing and going out. But when I got there, I undressed and stood in front of the mirror, and happily wet my nappy while I watched my reflection. I didn't need to go a lot, and so the nappy did its job perfectly and didn't leak or even sag too much. Suddenly feeling adventurous, I just dressed again leaving the wet nappy on, then went for a walk down the road to the nearest hotel that had some pokie machines, where I sat there and played for a while. I needed to pee again before I left, but I wasn't brave enough to go in an already wet Depends. I waited until I got back to my room before standing on a towel in front of the mirror again, where I wet once more, this time heavier than the first time. I was really surprised, but once again it didn't leak.

    This inspired me to be more brave on my third night. This time I drank a lot of water and coffee during the afternoon, then put on a diaper before going out dressed and dry. I had dinner, with a few beers, and could feel myself filling up nicely. This night I was dressed really casually, and wore a pair of shiny black track pants that I figured wouldn't show a leak if one happened.

    After dinner I went pack to the same pub as before, prepared to lose a bit more money on the pokie machines. Being my last night and with no morning appointment, I could afford to drink a bit more and risk a hangover. The alcohol was also making me feel braver.

    I sat at my favourite machine and put $20 in, then started to play. The urge to pee built up more and more, and I was soon bursting.

    "Here goes" I thought, and I relaxed a bit and dribbled a bit as I sat there. Not much, just enough to enjoy the feeling of being a little bit naughty. It didn't do much to relieve the tension I felt in my bladder, but I wasn't really desperate any longer. I actually finished up hitting a jackpot, and winning nearly $1000! So I continued to sit there and gently use my diaper for a bit longer than I planned.

    There were no problems though. I collected my winnings and walked back to my hotel with a very wet nappy on, and apart from a very minor leak around one leg, that wasn't noticeable at all, I made it back without anyone knowing that I had been a naughty boy who had wet his pants!

    I used the last couple of diapers that night. Now, about 8 years later, I don't remember much about what I learned on the course, but I remember what I learned about wearing diapers!

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