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Thread: Incontinence concern

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    Default Incontinence concern

    I am usually dry but have stress incontinence.
    I always wear a Tena guard when I ride my bike.
    After a 15 mile ride I can back was was very wet. Soaked thru the Tena Guard.
    After I showered and dressed noticed that I started leaking, even though I was not doing any activity that would cause stress incontinence. After going through another pare of underwear I inserted a new Tena guard.
    I was dry when I woke up and ok the next day.
    I found the experience worrisome, but I have been OK since

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    If you have been leaking once in a while for some time it could be an OAB that's acting up, that's how mine started and it got to the point that I needed a full taped diaper. You should make an appointment with your doctor to make sure all is ok and it's not the start of somthing bigger.

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    I started to dry up the next day, but have been having stress incontinence. I have an appointment next week.

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    Have you had your prostate checked lately? An enlarged or infected one can cause trouble. Also, bladder infections can cause leaking. Might want to see a doctor if it flares up again.

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    Most important thing is that you have an appointment to see the doctor. We can't really diagnose, but can give suggestions on how to deal with it. You're going the right direction.

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    My prostate isn't the problem, it is my lack of a prostate. I am a prostate cancer survivor and had a prostatectomy. I was very wet after the operation but I have greatly improved. So when I start leaking I start worrying. It has gotten better since my first post.

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    I noticed you were riding you bike just before the problem,

    Some bike seats can cause problems to the area.

    Even though you have had a prostatectomy the pressure of your seat on the area still can cause urological and neurological damage.

    I have small fiber polyneuropathy, Urinary urgency, and BPH and had to go to a special seat.
    Best thing i ever did.

    and they work and feel better when you are diapered.

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    I am fairly new to dealing with my incontinence , i had a work related accident 3 years ago an still dealing with my doctor with it. Had a seizure, fell an hurt my back and have been dealing with this problem ever since. Makes me feel strange being so young with this, doctor thinks it's related to spinel trama. Sorry just felt like a good thread to get my feet wet. Still weird for me to talk about.

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    This is a good place to get used to talking about it, Chrisy. You are showing your courage as you begin that process here.

    We all struggle with shame in the beginning. I found it helpful to talk with a few people I knew I could trust. That and time made it easier to deal with the emotions. Eventually I realized that most people never notice, and the people who loved me before ... still do!

    Incontinence is bothersome, but it doesn't have to be life-changing.

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    Thanks for the support Brandi,Rufusc24 an Rob110. All of you seem very genuine unlike adm. Your caring an helpful messages make me know that there are others out there that do really care.

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