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Thread: Many questions regarding cloth diapers!

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    Default Many questions regarding cloth diapers!

    I have never used them before and I was wondering what the differences are in types of fabrics and closures. I have read some descriptions online but I would prefer to hear some advice from first hand experienced users.

    My wife and I thought that it might save us money in the long run and we could give them a shot. A bit of FYI: I have nocturnal bed wetting (10+ years now) and the primary use would be for these purposes. I do not want them to leak, but I want them to be extremely comfortable. I don't know if it matters but at present I use mainly Dry 24/7 diapers.

    I don't really want to have to mess with manual folding, or massive pinning as sometimes I am REALLY tired and since I have no choice in wearing this would make my life really harder than necessary, however, if it's the best option I will still try it and resort to disposables when am at a lost for energy.

    Some of my main questions are which fabrics are best and most comfortable? What closures are best fitting? Which fabrics or closures are have the best longevity? What kinds of maintenance is involved with cleansing these (Any special detergents, soaking etc?) Is it really necessary to have a plastic cover over them? Do they come in standard widths or lengths? What sites sell quality products?

    Thanks for all the responses! I apologize in advance for the bombardment of questions but I like to be well informed before I go spending my money on things!

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    I am a cloth user. If you want good absorbency you will need to go with the pre-folds. I would say use twill weaved cotton diapers. I got mine from Changing Times diaper company. (I would highly recommend them). These are pin ons so you would have to get used to pinning on diapers, but they are very comfortable. You will need plastic pants of some sort for them. I would recommend The Leakmaster Deluxe. I have one and it goes over my pre-folds all the way and are comfortable to wear.

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    I often use two double layered or triple layered terry toweling pull ups (as big as possible but the elastics must grip my waist and legs) with latex pants over the top. Be very aware of stitched plastic pants, they can leak a lot. You need to think that when you pee you make a puddle that the toweling will soak up IF you have enough of it. I also sometimes use plastic pants over the top but these tend to be gary manufacture and as large as possible but with snug fitting elastics so the toweling has lots and lots of room to sag. Hope this helps.

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    Here is some info I posted in the past in a thread "Cost of Cloth".

    I had to replace some cloth diapers recently, which gave me the chance to get a cost estimate.
    I use a large flat 4-layer from Unit cost is $20 plus shipping. I got about 180 nights out of it before it started losing absorbancy and I had to add some extra padding to it. After about 130 nights, it was getting thread bare. I ordered some new ones and did a weight comparison. The new diaper is 18 ounces and the old one is 12. So it had lost a third of its fabric over that time. The cost and duration shows around $0.20 per night, give or take.
    I use a plastic pant, and the cost varies a lot there. There are two basic thicknesses: 4 mil and 7 mil. The cost is about $15 either way for a basic pant. The 4 mil went about 45 nights before it started to break up, for a cost of about $0.30 per night. I picked up a 7 mil and used it for about 150 nights without breaking up. It was starting to become noisier and stiffer, but is still useable. My wife decided I needed more to put into rotation to keep the odor down, so I don't know how long it would have gone. But if we take the 150 nights, it becomes $0.10 per night, a third of the cost of the 4-mil.
    Together that makes $0.40 for the thin plastic, and $0.20 for the thick. If you are using something durable, like PUL, the price drops again.
    For laundry, I rinse it in the shower and drop it in with the bath towels and other whites. Since we use our bath towels once only, we run about 5 loads a week anyway, so it makes little difference. For those using a public laundry, the cost probably doubles.

    I have about a 99% success rate against leakage with the flat cloth diapers. I do have to fold and pin them though. Depending on body size, I fold one end over, then the sides in, creating a thick, snug fitting front which is leak resistant in all positions. I have never tried the All In One style. You may want to look into it for ease of use.

    Another note about cloth: They shrink a lot. Perhaps 20% of width and length. Especially the prefold style. So buy them big.

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    Twill has a very good reputation and they are comfortable. I have one pair but it came in the wrong size, so I seldom wear it. What I do wear every night is gauze, night weight pre-fold diapers. I wear small so I just have to pin the corners, one diaper pin per corner. I have a 32" waist. I like the Leakmaster high top because they give better diaper coverage when sleeping. Birdseye cloth lasts longer than gauze, but the last birdseye I bought, also from, was a bit rough and less comfortable. The gauze cloth is very soft, but doesn't wear as long.

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    I wear cloth diapers most of the time, and I use prefold diapers, I find that some night I have to use a booster pad if I have been drinking a lot of liquids. but most of the time I don't have any leeks.

    so if you find your having leeks when you sleep you may have to think about get some booster cloth pads.

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    So it seems that most people use prefolds and pin the diapers themselves. What about all these AIO cloth diapers? Do they work as good? This might be a dumb question but the prefolds are already multiple layers?

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    The AIO diapers usually have a waterproof outer layer already built in so that there is no need to wear separate plastic pants. Good for convenience, but greatly increases drying time.

    Yes, the prefolds have multiple layers, and the center "soaker" section has even more layers sewed in.


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    Can anyone tell me if Dependeco is a good AIO diaper? I seen they had three different types: AIO AB Cotton Diapers, AIO AB Flannel Diapers, AIO PUL Diapers. What are the differences in these? Which one is the softest and most comfortable? I did a search and some people really enjoyed them but they did not say which product they actually bought. I am really confused on which one to try. Any and all help is appreciated!

    Thanks again!!!
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